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Resources for Academic Writing and Publishing


How do I write and publish a research article? What kind of proposals do academic editors and grant committees look for? How might strong publications and knowledge exchanges shape my academic trajectory?


Researchers in India within the humanities and social sciences – a community numbering in the thousands – have been troubled by the ‘publish or perish’ paradox: embark on your career by publishing in rigorously peer-reviewed journals, but without any of the training necessary to do so.

The early career researcher in India has, on average, very little access to the academic mentoring and networking opportunities that researchers elsewhere would consider fundamental to good scholarship.

The British Academy Effective Writing Workshop 2021–22 tackled these concerns faced by early career, post-doctoral, and Ph.D. scholars in India.

The workshop was developed by Dr. Hephzibah Israel (PI, University of Edinburgh), Dr. John Thomas (Co-I, IIT Guwahati), and Dr. John Zavos (Co-I, University of Manchester), and funded by the British Academy. A permanent collection of the workshop videos can be found below: