Section: Student Profiles

Student Profiles

Name Start date PhD/MSc topic Supervisor Degree
Beth Jennings  2013

MSc Women who sell sex in Dhaka in the context of urbanisation and other low income urban work.

Viviene Cree Research in Social Work
Luciana Brondi  2013

Gender inequalities in care seeking and hospitalisations in children from South Asia

Harish Nair, Harry Campbell, Anuj Kapilashrami

Health Sciences

Mary Hanlon



In the name of Bangladesh? Stakeholder strategies in fashion activist networks post-Rana Plaza

Roger Jeffery and Kanchana Ruwanpura  Sociology
D Karthikeyan 2013

PhD - Contentious Spaces and Political Performances: Guru Pujas and the Production of Political Community in Tamil Nadu

Hugo Gorringe and Roger Jeffery South Asian Studies
Ankur Kakkar   MRes - Indigenous Education in 19th century North India Crispin Bates  History
Lauren Wilks  2013

PhD - Gender, Migration, and Domestic Work in West Bengal

Hugo Gorringe and Julie Brownlie  Sociology
Tsveti Bandakova 2012 PhD - Farmer's Rights: Conservation and Sharing Genetic Resources for Food and Agriculture. Case Study of India's Plant Variety Protection and Farmer's Right Act Roger Jeffery, David Castle  and Jamie Cross South Asian Studies
Nadia Iqbal 2012-13 MRes India relations Crispin Bates and Wilfried Swenden South Asian Studies
Ros Parr 2012 MRes/PhD Beyond Nationalism: Indian Nationalist Women and Internationalism, 1900-1964 Crispin Bates History
Dustie Spencer  2012  MRes/PhD Transitional Communities in South Asia Crispin Bates and Wilfried Swenden South Asian Studies
 Nikhil Agarwal  2011  PhD Technology and Social Activism: Cases from India Robin Williams and James Stewart ISSTI
Kristin Lee Bouldin 2011 MRes - Sati in Colonial India Crispin Bates History
Shruti Chaudhry  2011 PhD - 'Normative' and Cross-regional Marriage in Rural North India Patricia Jeffery and Radhika Govinda  Sociology
Michael Heneise 2011 PhD - Dreams, memory, and agency in Eastern Himalayas Jacob Copeman and Arkotong Longkumer South Asian Studies
Heid Jerstad 2011 PhD - Causing the weather: climate and culture in the Indian Himalayas Laura Jeffery and Jamie Cross Social Anthropology

Carine  Le Borgne

2011 PhD - Children and young people's participation rights: meaningful, effective and sustainable?  Kay Tisdall and Patricia Jeffery  Social Policy
Ritumbra Manuvie  2011  PhD Climate Change induced Displacements in South Asia Wilfried Swenden and Elizabeth Bomberg  Political Science and International Relations
Piyush Roy 2011

MRes/PhD - The role and influence of Navarasa Aesthetics in shaping Indian cinema narratives

Crispin Bates and Paul Dundas South Asian Studies
Luke Heslop 2010 PhD - The Making of the Merchant Middle Class: A Study of Business Families in Centre Sri Lanka  Jonathan Spencer and Lotte Hoek       Social Anthropology
Emily Kilburn 2010 MSc - Aurobindo's Concept of Knowledge by Identity Jeanne Openshaw Religious Studies
Gajendra Singh Completed 2010 MRes/PhD - Appealing to the 'Beneficent Sarkar': Loyalty, hierarchy and rank and file dissent in the colonial Indian military, 1914-1917 Crispin Bates History
Syed Hussain Shaheed Soherwordi Completed 2010 MRes/PhD - US Foreign policy toward Pakistan during 1947-65: A study of institutional interaction between foreign making bodies Crispin Bates and Markus Dauchsel History
 Gaia von Hatzfeldt 2010  PhD - 'Crusaders' for democracy: aspirations and tensions in transparency activism in India Jonathan Spencer and Toby Kelly Social Anthropology
Supurna Banerjee 2009 PhD - Gender, Space and Women Plantation Workers: A Case Study of Dooars tea gardens in India Roger Jeffery and Hugo Gorringe Sociology
Deborah Menezes 2009 PhD - Old People's Homes in Goa George Palattiyil and Roger Jeffery Social Work
Feyza Bhatti 2008 PhD - Fertility Transition in Pakistan Roger Jeffery and John MacInnes Sociology

Catriona Ellis

2008 MRes/PhD - Children and childhood in the Madras Presidency during the 1920s and 1930s

Crispin Bates and Louise Jackson

Laszlo Lajtai 2008 PhD - Multilingualism and Mental Health in Mauritius Stefan Ecks and Laura Jeffery Sociology
Jackie Larm 2008 PhD - the Making and Breaking of Me and You at Kagyu Samye Ling (Scotland) Jeanne Openshaw Religious Studies
Nughmana Mirza 2008 Women of South Asian origin in Scotland and their experiences of domestic violence. Patricia Jeffery Sociology
Phoebe Rose 2007 PhD - Autistic Children in India Stefan Ecks and Roger Jeffery Social Anthropology
Salla Sariola Completed 2007 PhD - Sex Workers in Chennai, South India Hugo Gorringe Sociology
Suryakant Waghmore 2007 PhD - Dalit politics in Maharashtra Roger Jeffery and Hugo Gorringe Sociology
Radha Adhikari 2006 PhD - Nurse Migration to UK from Nepa Patricia Jeffery Sociology
Maggie Morrison 2006 PhD - Pre-school provision in Scotland in relation to Children from Bangladeshi backgrounds Patricia Jeffery Sociology
Samantha Staddon 2006 PhD - Participatory ecological monitoring: Insights from the social sciences Andrea Nightingale Institute of Geography
Jane Cameron 2004 PhD - Images and Identity: The Role of Material Culture in Ambedkarite Buddhism Jeanne Openshaw Religious Studies
Caroline Lewis 2004 PhD - Establishing India: British women's missionary organisations and outreach to Indian women and girls, 1820-1870 Crispin Bates and Christopher Harding History
Judith Sim 1996 PhD - Childbearing in Jamshedpur Jonathan Spencer and Roger Jeffery      Social Anthropology

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