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Daniel O'Connor

Daniel O'Connor
Former Lecturer at St Stephen's, Delhi University: Hon Research Fellow, New College
School of Social and Political Science
University of Edinburgh
Edinburgh UK
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(Former lecturer at St Stephen's, Delhi University, and Hon Research Fellow from 1990 in the Centre for the Study of Christianity in the Wider World, New College).

Dan O'Connor has had a long interest in the history of Christianity and mission in India, with special studies of two anti-colonial missionaries, C F Andrews and Verrier Elwin. In 2000 he wrote/edited Three Centuries of Mission (Continuum) on a leading Anglican mission agency, and more recently a memoir, including his Naxalite encounters, Interesting Times in India (Penguin, 2005), an Indian edition of his study of Andrews, A Clear Star (DC, 2005), and two papers on Anglican-Lutheran collaboration in 18c South India. In spring 2007 he gave the Teape Seminars at Cambridge. The Chaplains of the East India Company 1601-1858 was published by Continuum in January 2012.


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