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Tracing Pharmaceuticals

A research group under the leadership of Prof Roger Jeffery (Sociology) were awarded an ESRC-DFID research grant for the project Tracing pharmaceuticals in South Asia: regulation, distribution and consumption.

The main aim of this research was to provide governments and others with a better understanding of the contexts and causes of pharmaceutical use in South Asia. We integrated anthropological, public health, and political economic approaches in an investigation and analysis of the diverse cultural, medical, economic and institutional factors that determine the pathways by which three pharmaceuticals--oxytocin, rifampicin, and fluoxetine--reach their end users. This project's outcomes have been used to assist the development of effective interventions to improve Millennium Development Goals and other health outcomes and thereby contribute to poverty-reduction strategies.

Group members

  • Prof Roger Jeffery
  • Prof Patricia Jeffery
  • Prof Allyson Pollock
  • Dr Stefan Ecks
  • Dr Ian Harper
  • Dr Petra Brhlikova
  • David Price

Outputs of the project to 30 November, 2011

Ian Harper, Nabin Rawal & Madhusudan Subedi (2011) Disputing Distribution: Ethics and Pharmaceutical Regulation in Nepal, Studies in Nepali History and Society 16, 1

Petra Brhlikova, Allyson M Pollock & Rachel Manners (2011) Global Burden of Disease estimates of depression – how reliable is the epidemiological evidence? The Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine 104(1): 25–34

Petra Brhlikova, Ian Harper, Roger Jeffery et al (2011) ‘Trust and the Regulation of Pharmaceuticals: South Asia in a Globalised World’, Globalisation and Health 7 (10)

Petra Brhlikova, Ian Harper, Allyson M Pollock, Madhusudan Subedi, Samita Bhattarai, and Nabin Rawal Harmonisation, GMP and local pharmaceutical production in Nepal. Manuscript September 2011. 

Roger Jeffery Tracing Pharmaceuticals in South Asia: Project Design and Basic Data. Manuscript July 2010.

Abhijit Das & Roger Jeffery Pharmaceuticals, Physicians and Public Policy: Unravelling the Relationships. Journal of Health Studies 2009 2(1,2,3): 6-12.

Roger Jeffery & Santhosh MR. Architecture of Drug Regulation in India: What are the Barriers to Regulatory Reform? Journal of Health Studies 2009 2(1,2,3): 13-32.

Petra Brhlikova, Patricia Jeffery, Gitanjali Bhatia & Sakshi Khurana Intrapartum Oxytocin (Mis)use in South Asia. Journal of Health Studies 2009 2(1,2,3): 33-50.

Ian Harper National Tuberculosis Control Programmes of Nepal and India: Are They Using the Correct Treatment Regimens? Journal of Health Studies 2009 2(1,2,3): 51-67.

Stefan Ecks & Soumita Basu How Wide is the ‘Treatment Gap’ for Antidepressants in India? Ethnographic Insights on Marketing Strategies. Journal of Health Studies 2009 2(1,2,3): 68-80.

Roger Jeffery Regulation without Implementation: India in a global pharmaceutical world. Manuscript June 2009.

Patricia Jeffery & Petra Brhlikova Use and Abuse of Oxytocin: Millennium Development Goals 4 and 5 in South Asia. Manuscript June 2009.

Ian Harper What is the relevance of clinical trials findings to National treatment regimens? The case of rifampicin. Manuscript June 2009.

Stefan Ecks Unseen drug dissemination: Rethinking the "treatment gap" for antidepressants in India. Manuscript June 2009.

Petra Brhlikova, Allyson Pollock & Rachel Manners Global Burden of Disease Estimates of Depression - time for a rethink. Manuscript June 2009.

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Roger Jeffery, Stefan Ecks & Petra Brhlikova Global assemblages of pharmaceuticals: Rethinking TRIPS and GMP. BIBLIO, 15 October 2007.

Roger Jeffery Pharmaceuticals Distribution Systems in India. Manuscript June 2007.

Ian Harper, Petra Brhlikova, Madhu Subedi & Samita Bhattarai Drug Procurement in Nepal. Manuscript June 2007.

Patricia Jeffery & Stefan Ecks Qualitative Research on Fluoxetine and Oxytocin in India. Manuscript June 2007.

Petra Brhlikova, Ian Harper & Allyson Pollock Good Manufacturing Practice in Pharmaceutical Industry. Manuscript June 2007.

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