Research Projects

Subalterns, Rebellion and Migration

Building upon research into 'Mutiny at the Margins' and assisted by a grant from the British Association for South Asian Studies (2009-10), this project enquiries into the massive upswing in out-migration to the sugar colonies of the British Empire that followed the Indian Uprising of 1857. Founded upon a critique of the parochial character of much the literature on 1857 the project attempts offers a new perspective on the revolt within the context of the wider questions of empire and Indian labour – including issues relating to the recruitment of soldiers (‘sepoys’) in the Indian army, caste, and labour mobility. The aim is to re-position the global circulation of labour and products and the role of Indians in empire as inseparable from the uprising and indeed part of its larger story and impact. For further details please contact Crispin Bates and Marina Carter.

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