Research Projects

Political Violence and Climate Change? Resource governance and post-conflict reconstruction in Nepal

This British Academy funded project (2012) explores how post-conflict politics and environmental change collide. In Nepal, over a decade of civil unrest has culminated in a tenuous democracy. These political transformations coincide with predictions that climate change in the Himalayas will produce some of the most severe impacts globally, triggering heightened fears of food insecurity and political instability across the region. The project therefore seeks to build a trans-national team to tackle the question: what are the relationships between resource governance and political stability (or instability) in Nepal. A series of teaching and research exchanges between the University of Edinburgh, Forest Action Nepal, and the evolving Southasia Institute for Advanced Studies (SIAS) will build capacity in the partners to undertake post- conflict and environmental change research, to explore the role of research in conflict resolution, and to train a new generation of Nepal and UK scholars to address complex social-environmental issues. For further details, please contact Andrea Nightingale or Crispin Bates.

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