Research Projects - Continuity and Change in Indian Federalism: Leverhulme International Network


Chanchal Kumar Sharma and Wilfried Swenden, eds, Continuity and Change in Contemporary Indian Federalism, India Review, Special Issue 16, (2017), 1

Chanchal Kumar Sharma and Wilfried Swenden, Introduction: Continuity and Change in contemporary Indian Federalism, India Review, 16, (2017), 1, 1-13;

Chanchal Kumar Sharma, 'A situational theory of pork-barrel politics: the shifting logic of discretionary allocations in India', India Review, 16, (2017), 1, 14-41;

Wilfried Swenden and Rekha Saxena, 'Rethinking Central Planning: a federal critique of the Planning Commission', India Review, 16, (2017), 1, 42-65

Indira Rajaraman, 'Continuity and Change in Indian Fiscal Federalism', India Review, 16, (2017), 1, 66-84

Rajeshwari Deshpande, K.K. Kailash and Louise Tillin, 'States as laboratories: the politics of social welfare politicies in India', India Review, 16, (2017), 1, 85-105

Andrew Wyatt, 'Paradiplomacy of India's Chief Ministers' India Review, 16, (2017), 1, 106-124

Katharine Adeney, 'Does ethnofederalism explain the success of Indian federalism', India Review, 16, (2017), 1, 125-148

Harihar Bhattacharyya, Kham Khan Suan Hausing and Jhumpa Mukherjee, 'Indian federalism at the crossroads: limits of the territorial management of ethnic conflict', India Review, 16, (2017), 1, 149-78.

Individual Articles with Leverhulme support: 

Wilfried Swenden (2016), 'Centre-State Bargaining and Territorial Accommodation: Evidence from India' in Hechter, M., Mueller, S. and Siroky, D., eds., 'Federalism, Nationalism and Democracy', special issue, Swiss Political Science Review, 4, 491-515

Wilfried Swenden (2016), 'Centre-State Relations in India: Contemporary Issues and Challenges' in The Territories and States of India 2016, Europe Territories of the World, 3rd edition (London: Routledge), 14-28 

Arjan H. Schakel and Wilfried Swenden (2016) , 'Rethinking Party System Nationalization in India (1952-2014)', Government and Opposition, First View,

In Progress: 

Katharine Adeney and Harihar Bhattacharyya, eds., Multinational Federalism in contemporary India, Regional and Federal Studies [forum section] 

Katharine Adeney and Harihar Bhattacharyya, ' Introduction. Multinational Federalism in Contemporary India' 

Kham Khan Suan Hausing, 'Telanagana and the Politics of State Formation in India: Towards a 'non-domination' model of federalism'

Guharpal Singh and Heewon Kim, 'The strange death of Sikh ethno-nationalism: from rebellion to hegemonic control' 

Harihar Bhattacharyya, Jhumpa Mukherjee, 'Bodoland in Assam: a failed case of ethnic conflict management' 

In Progress:

The North East of India: Political Dynamics and Issues (edited by Harihar Bhattacharyya and Katharine Adeney) 

Jhumpa Mukherjee: Arunachal Pradesh: From NEFA to Statehood in Indian Federalism 

Sajal Nag, 'Assam: Unending State Contraction' 

Sajal Nag, 'Manipur: from a princely state to Statehood within Indian Federalism'

Jumpha Mukherjee: Megalalay from an Associate State to Statehood and Beyond' 

Lalnundika Hnamte, 'Mizoram: from Autonomous District to Statehood in Indian Federation' 

Kenilo Kath, 'Nagaland: the Multi-Party Government and the Dawn of Peace Resolution'  

Satyabrat Sinha, 'Political Developments in Sikkim: from monarchy to statehood and beyond'

Harihar Bhattacharyya, Tripura, 'from a princely state to statehood in Indian federalism and Beyond' 

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