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Royal Holloway
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Papers of Elizabeth Jesser Reid (1789-1866) - FILE - Letters from Elizabeth Anne (Eliza) Bostock Catalogue ref. PP40/4/1

Royal Institute of International Affairs
Chatham House
10 St James's Square
London SW1Y 4LE
Website: http://www.chathamhouse.org.uk/
Record of Meeting 10 July 1957 - '1857 AND 1957: THE MUTINY AND MODERN INDIA ' Catalogue ref. RIIA/8/2508

The Royal Society
6-9 Carlton House Terrace
London SW1Y 5AG
Website: http://www.royalsoc.ac.uk
Journal Books of Scientific Meetings, Miscellaneous Manuscripts - Heron-Allen, E., Remarks on an amethyst looted from the treasure of the Temple of the god Indra at Cawnpore during the Indian Mutiny. - Catalogue ref. RS2/Volume 11/85 1904

 Catalogue of the papers of Sir John William Lubbock; Astronomer - Fund for the relief of the Sufferers by the Mutiny in India - Catalogue ref. LUB/15/9 1858

 Royal Geographical Society
1 Kensington Gore,
London SW7 2AR
Website: http://www.rgs.org
RGS Correspondence Collection - Loftus William K. Letters include that of June 20 1857, from Calcutta , commenting on the Indian Mutiny - Catalogue ref. RGS/CB4/1063 c.1857

Royal College of Physicians
11 St Andrews Place ,
Regent's Park,
London NW1 4LE
Website: http://www.rcplondon.ac.uk
Portrait Collection - William Smoult Playfair 1835-1903 -He was an assistant surgeon at Oude during the Mutiny - Catalogue ref. Portrait/X295 1882

Centre of South Asian Studies - Cambridge
Laundress Lane
Cambridge CB2 1SD
Website: http://www.s-asian.cam.ac.uk/
BETTS (E.A.) PAPERS - Esther Anne Betts was the daughter of Richardson Nicholson, Sub-Deputy Opium Agent, Suleempore, Gorruckpore District where she was present during events of 1857. - Memoir: Reminiscences of the Indian Mutiny 1857. 9pp.

CRA'STER PAPERS - Colonel William R. Cra'ster. An officer of the Royal Artillery stationed in Meerut in 1857. Memoir: A Reminiscence of the Sepoy Mutiny Written 8 Years Afterwards. 12pp.

FAIRWEATHER PAPERS - Surgeon-General James Fairweather; took part in seige and capture of Delhi 1857 and second relief of Lucknow Nov. 1857; also present at Cawnpore and during capture of Lucknow March 1858. Memoir: Through the Mutiny with the 4th Punjab Infantry, Punjab Irregular Force. 167pp.

JACKSON PAPERS - Anna Madeline Jackson. In Sitapur and Lucknow during 1857. A Personal Narrative of the Indian Mutiny 1857. 32pp.

JONES PAPERS - Gavin Jones. In Fatehgarh 1857. Memoir of the Indian Mutiny: The Story of my Escape from Fatehgarh.77pp, microfilm.

MILL PAPERS - Mrs Maria Mill. Wife of a Major in the Bengal Artillery stationed in Fyzabad. Diary description of the Indian Mutiny concluding with Mrs Mill's arrival in Calcutta with her two children. 1857-58. Microfilm.

OATTS PAPERS - extracts from letters written by Oatts about the mutiny; forming of the Indigo Planters Corps as a volunteer movement; wife and children sent to Calcutta for safety by the indigo boats; the years following the mutiny; transfer of the Government of India to the Crown; difficult position of the planters after the mutiny and transfer of Government.
Small Collections Box 18 - TS copy of 'Indigo Saga.' 1845-95. 20 pp.

SHOWERS PAPERS - General Charles Lionel Showers, during Mutiny was Political Agent (Resident) in Meywar.

SPROT PAPERS - Lieutenant-General J. Sprot of Riddell; during Mutiny rejoined his Regiment (83rd County of Dublin ) in Rajputana. Mutiny memoir: My Indian Experiences. 52pp.

STOCK PAPERS - Catherine Ann Stock who lived in Lucknow , Naini Tal and Multan 1854-70. Her first husband died during the Siege of Lucknow and the letters cover the Mutiny and the Siege.- 1 File, typed transcript, 1854-70.

WALLER PAPERS - Colonel Waller. Xerox copy of diary kept during the Indian Mutiny, August-November 1858. 1 File.

WELLS PAPERS - Mrs Frances Janet Wells, wife of Walter W. Wells, Surgeon with the 48th Native Infantry. Bengal and United Provinces 1853-58. Letters home: life in India and Mutiny experiences. Microfilm.

National Library of Scotland

1. Main Catalogue:

A. Primary Sources

The Golden commemoration of the Indian Mutiny veterans at the Royal Albert Hall, December 23 rd , 1907 , London (1907) HP3.84.1876

Trial of Muhammad Bahadur Shah, ex-King of Delhi , Karachi : Royal Book Company (1972) H1.76.456 ( Introduction by I. H. Qureshi. Includes: Constitution of Military Commission; the Charge Sheet; Translation of the Written Defence put in by Bahadur Shah, Ex-King of Delhi, the Judge-Advocate General's Address, Document – “To The Special Slave, the Lord Governor, Muhammad Bakht Khan Bahadur”, Petition of Moulavy Muhammad Zahur Ali “To The King” Shelter of the World, Petition of Amir Ali Khan – “To the King! Shelter of the World”, Autograph Order of the King in Pencil, Circulars from the King – “To Rao Bhara, Ruler of Cutch”, “To Ranjit Singh, Chief of Jasalmir”, “To Ranjit Gulab Singh, Ruler of Jummo”, Finding. )

Sir John Adye, Defence of Cawnpore by the Troops under the Orders of Major General Charles A. Windham, C B., in Nov., 1857, London : Longman, Brown, Green, Longmans, and Roberts (1858) E.40.b.2

A. E. O., Some Recollections of a Sepoy Officer, Between 1844 and 1858 , Calcutta (1872) 5.726

Captain Allgood, Captain Johnson and others, Plan of the Operations Against Lucknow, March 1858; Compiled from Surveys by Captains Allgood, Johnson, [and others], London: Routledge, Warne, and Routledge (1860) E.40.c.17

Anon., Letters from Futtegurh , Edinburgh : T. Constable (1857) C.Fras.203 "The husband of the writer was a lieutenant of the Bengal Engineers, and Superintendent of part of the Grand Trunk Road " -- Note at foot of p. 6. "There is every reason to believe that immediately after these letters were penned, the writer, her husband, and child, were murdered at Bithoor, on their way from Futtegurh to Allahabad "

Anon., City and Environs of Lucknow [Map], London : Saunders, Oiley, and Co. (1862) E.41.a.12

Anon., Part of Northern India to illustrate the Sepoy War, London : W.H. Allen & Co. (1876) E.40.b.9

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George Digby Barker, Letters from Persia and India , 1857-59: A Subaltern's Experiences in War (ed. Lady Barker), London (1915) S.10.c

William Barnston (1832-1872), Letters from the Crimea and India , Whitchurch: Herald (1998) HP2.99.1482

Richard Barter, Siege of Delhi : Mutiny Memories of an Old Officer , London : Folio Society (1984) H3.84.2893

Evans Bell, Letter to H. M. Durand, Esq. [Commenting on Certain Statements in his Works: “Central India in 1857” and “Life of Sir H. M. Durand”.], London (1884) 4.69(3)

John Hatfield Brooks, The Diary of an Indian Cavalry Officer, 1843-63: Before, During, and After the Mutiny (ed. Richard Morgan), Bath : Pagoda Tree Press (2003) H8.205.0992 No. 43 of limited ed.

Colina Brydon, Diary of the Doctor's Lady (compiled by Geoffrey Moore) , Huntingdon (1979) HP2.80.892

R. G. Burton, Revolt in Central India 1857-59, compiled in the Intelligence Branch, Division of the Chief of Staff, Army Headquarters , India , Simla: Government Monotype Press (1908) IP/FA.75

John Cave-Browne, Punjab and Delhi in 1857: Being a Narrative of the Measures by which the Punjab was Saved and Delhi Recovered during the Indian Mutiny, Edinburgh: William Blackwood and Sons (1861) E.40.c.3

John Chalmers, Letters from the Indian Mutiny, 1857-1859, presented and edited by Richard Terrell , Norwich: Michael Russell (1992) H3.93.2432

Noah Alfred Chick, Annals of the Indian Rebellion, 1857-58 Containing Narratives of the Outbreaks and Eventful Occurrences and Stories of Personal adventures , London : Charles Knight and Co. Ltd (1974) (first pub. 1859) NE.1052.a.3

Robert Henry Wallace Dunlop, Service and Adventure with the Khakee Ressalah; Or, Meerut Volunteer Horse, During the Mutinies of 1857-58, London (1858) E.40.c

Mrs. Hamilton Forbes, Some Recollections of the Siege of Lucknow , 1857 , published by the author (1905) HP1.91.2387

William Forbes-Mitchell, Reminiscences of the Great Mutiny, 1857-59, Including the Relief, Siege, and Capture of Lucknow , and the Campaigns in Rohilcund and Oude, London : Macmillan (1893) E.48.f.22

Maria Vincent Germon, A Diary, kept by Mrs. R. C. Germon, at Lucknow , between the months of May and December 1857: A Lady's Diary During the Siege of Lucknow , London : Waterlow and Sons (1870) Mf.Pres.27(2) microfilm of E.142/2.f.18

Sir Charles Alexander Gordon, On Sickness and Mortality among Europeans in India (1857) RB.s.885(8)

William Stephen Raikes Hodson, Twelve years of a Soldier's Life in India: Being Extracts from the Letters of the Late Major W.S.R Hodson, Including a Personal Narrative of the Siege of Delhi and Capture of the King and Princes (ed. George H. Hodson) London: J. W. Parker (1859) AB.2.79.75

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B. Secondary Sources

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C. Sermons

Vicar Apostolic, A Pastoral Charge, Enjoining Public Prayers Throughout the Eastern Vicariate of Scotland , on Occasion of the National Calamities Caused by the Recent Mutiny of the Native Troops in British India, Edinburgh (1857) Dry.2296(11)

Vicar Apostolic, A Pastoral Charge, Enjoining Throughout the Eastern Vicariate of Scotland , a form of Public Prayer, in Thanksgiving for the Termination of the Indian War, and for the Preservation of Peace in Europe, Edinburgh (1859) Dry.2296(13)

Alfred Bowen Evans, India : Two Discourses , London (1857) 3.1350

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Rev. Charles Stovel, India : Its Crimes and Claims – A Lecture , London (1857), 3.168(1-16)

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Baptist Wrothesley Noel, M.A, England and India : An Essay on the Duty of Englishmen Towards the Hindoos , London (1859) E.41.a

D. Poems and Songs

Anon., A New Song Called The Late Indian War, Composed by a Soldier of H. M. 54 th Regiment , Belfast : Moore (1858) Crawford.EB.1902
(First line reads: Come gather round you Irish men, till I relate this tale… )

Anon., The Death of General Sir Henry Havelock, Bart., London : H. Such, Newsvender &c. (1857) Crawford.EB.1707
(First line reads: Britannia now weeps for her soldier [l]amenting…)

Anon., The Fall of Delhi , London : Rial Printer (1857) Crawford.EB.3025
(First line reads: Proud Delhi at last has been taken… )

Anon., The Horrors of the Indian Mutiny , London : Rial & Co. Printers (1857) Crawford.EB.3056
(First line reads: The Russian War just ended, and out lads/ comer o'er the main… )

Anon., Jessie Brown, The Heroine of Lucknow , London : Taylor 's song mart (1857?) Crawford.EB.2645
(First line reads: Britons at home, you have heard of brave Jessie… )

Anon., Lament for Gen. Havelock , London : Dever Printer (1857) Crawford.EB.1709
(First line reads: Britannia shall mourn gallant Havelock is gone…)

Anon., The Last Shot , Dundee : Poet's Box (1880-1900?) RB.m.143(048)
(First line reads: Three to ride and to save, one to ride and to be saevd [sic]-/ That's the key of my tale, boys, deep on my heart engraved… )

Anon., The Massacre of five Catholic Clergymen, by the Sepoys at Cawnpore , Belfast : Moore (1857) Crawford.EB.3608
(First line reads: You Catholics all both great and small the young as well/as old …)

Anon., A New Song called The Irish Sepoys, Belfast : Moore (1858) Crawford.EB.3720
(First line reads: You Orangemen of Crossgar and Dromara too… )

Anon., Rise Up Noble Britons: Bundle an' Go , Scotland (1857-1858?) L.C.fol.178A.2(109)
(First line reads: Curse on this Indian war that ere it began, / And wae to the savages that formed the plan… )

Anon., Siege of Delhi : Or, The Indian Massacre, London : Mathers (1857) Crawford.EB.2088
(First line reads: Hark! What is that? It is the siege of Delhi … )

Anon., The Undaunted Female (?), Dublin (1860?) Crawford.EB.1870
(First line reads: Come all you true lovers and a story I'll un-fold… )

Anon., The War in India , London : Mathers (1857) Crawford.EB.3408
(First line reads: What means this cry of tumult that echoes o'er the/ ocean?) 

Anon., Welcome to the 78 th Highlanders , Edinburgh: Schenck lith. (1860) Crawford.EB.2067
(First line reads: Home again to Scotia 's shore… )

Anon., Wonders of the 1Qth [sic] Century!, London : H. Such, Printer &c. (1857) Crawford.EB.1705
(First line reads: Britannia is complaining…) The text refers to many contemporary events, including the Sepoy Rebellion of 1857-1858, the inference from the text is that this conflict had not reached its conclusion.

William McGonagall, The Hero of Kalapore: An Incident of the Indian Mutiny: A New Poem , Edinburgh (1899?) L.C.Fol.71(40)
(First lines read: The 27th Regiment has mutinied at Kalapore: / That was the substance of a telegram, which caused a great uproar / At Sattara, on the evening of the 8th of July, / And when the British officers heard it, they heaved a bitter sigh…)

William McGonagall, The Downfall of Dehli: A New Poem , Edinburgh (1901?) L.C.Fol.71(63) (First lines read: 'Twas in the year of 1857 and on the 14th of September / That the Sepoy rebels at Delhi were forced to surrender; / The attack was first to be made by Brigadier Nicholson, / And he was ordered to attack the Cashmere Bastion...)

Arthur Quinn, A New Song: Called The Victory Gained at Lucknow , Belfast (1857?) Crawford.EB.1503
(First line reads: All you gallant heroes that to England belong…)

  2. Parliamentary Papers:

•  Bills:
•  Enlistment in India ; 1861, II. 261.
•  European Troops ( India ) ; 1859 (Sess. 2), I. 377.
•  European Troops ( India ), Raising of ; 1860, III. 203.
•  Mutiny ( East India ) Act Repeal ; 1863, 111-119.
•  Reports of Select Committees:
•  Transport of Troops (Indian Mutiny): Report; with Proceedings, Evidence, Appendix, and Index ; 1857-58, X. 507.
•  Reports of Commissioners and Others:
•  “ Austria ” Troop Ship: Reports ; 1857-58, XLIII. 55.
•  Mutiny at Vellore : Report of Commission, 9 th August 1860, at Vellore , on Cause of Mutiny there; 1861, XLII. 689.
•  Papers on Re-organization, Supplementary to Report of Army Commission ; 1859 (Sess. 2), VIII. 647.
•  Report and Letter by Sir C. Napier on State and Discipline of Indian Army ; 1857 (Sess. 2), XXIX. 101-103.
•  Report of Commissioners on Organisation of Indian Army; with Minutes of Evidence and Appendix , 1859 (Sess. 1), V. 1.
•  Report of Major-General Havelock on Organization of Indian Army, 1859 (Sess. 1), V. 611.
•  Accounts and Papers:
•  Bengal Native Army – Return of regiments that Remained Faithful during Mutiny; respective services; Thanks given; Promises made, or Promotion to Officers, &c; 1863, Xl. 251.
•  Correspondence during 1858, between Commander-in-Chief, President of Board of Control, and Secretary of State for War, on the placing of Armies of India under Horse Guards ; 1860, L. 207.
•  Correspondence on Despatch from Cape of Good Hope , Ceylon , and Mauritius ; 1857-58, XLII. 537.
•  Correspondence on Forces in India , from Commencement of Mutiny; 1859 (Sess. 1), XIX. 73.
•  Correspondence on Medals granted to Troops and Police employed in suppressing Mutiny and Rebellion in Bombay Presidency ; 1865, XXXVIII, 545.
•  Dumdum Barrack, Mortality at: Paper Relating to Mortality in 1858 among Women and Children ; 1859 (Sess. 1), XIX. 275.
•  European and Native Troops: Minutes, Reports, Despatches, and Documents relating to strength, composition, and distribution, &c .; 1867, LII. 459.
•  Further papers ; 1857-58, XLII. 585.
•  Madras, Commander in Chief, Resignation of – Correspondence respecting resignation of Sir Peregrine Maitland ; 1857-58, XLIII. 143.
•  Order Amalgamating Army of India with the line, published in Calcutta Government Gazette, 10 th April 1861, with despatches , 1861, XLII. 225.
•  Papers connected with late discontent among local European troops in India ; 1860, LI. 1, 317, 531.
•  Return of men of European Local Troops in India who took their Discharge since 1858, in consequence of being Refused Bounty ; 1860, LI. 829.
•  Return of Soldiers Discharged from Indian army in 1858 who Enlisted to serve EIC; Expense of transport to England , &c ; 1860, LI. 833.
•  Returns of Chaplains of Church of England, &c. who went with troops to India between 1 st June and 1 st December 1857, and of Chaplains at stations in India, &c.; 1859, (Sess. 1), XV. 349.
•  Returns and Accounts relating to Armies of India ; 1857-58, XLII. 101, 213.


•  Account of charges by War Office for Troops, Stores, &c; Repayments by Indian Government yearly from 1 st April 1854 to 31 st March 1860 &c; 1860 L. 537. ( For 1854 to 1861; 1861, XLIII. 259).
•  Actual Military Force in India at outbreak of Mutiny at Meerut ; Branches of Service; and where stationed; 1857-58, XXXVII. 249.
•  Actual Strength of Queen's and East India Company's Forces in the three Presidencies, and in Punjab , at date of last returns ; 1857-58, XLII. 657.
•  Appendix (Enclosures in nos. 1, 3, 5, and 6); 1857 (Sess. 2), XXX. 33.
•  Appendix (Enclosures in nos. 7 to 19) ; 1857 (Sess. 2), XXX. 101.
•  Appendix (A) to further papers (no. 5) (Enclosures in no. 1); 1857-58 , XLIV, pt. I. 473.
•  Appendix (B) to further papers (no. 5) (Enclosures in nos. 2, 3, and 4); 1857-58, XLIV, pt. II. 1.
•  Correspondence between Secretary of State for India and Home Department, regarding Reduction in Strength of Depots of Regiments serving in India, and number of Officers to be attached to British Regiments serving in India; and dissents recorded by Council; 1861, XLII. 291.
•  Correspondence since 1 st April 1856, on Number of European Troops ; 1857, XXIX. 105.
•  Delhi, King of: Copy of Evidence taken at Trial ; 1859, XVIII. 111.
•  Despatch as to Protection Afforded by Manu Singh and others to Fugitive Europeans ; 1857-58, XLIV, pt. I. 29.
•  Despatches to Indian Government, on Mutiny Compensation; 1860, L. 399; 1860, III. 6; 1860, IV. 28.
•  Documents described, as Records of Survivors, and others [not received]; 1857-58, XLIII. 161.
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•  Further paper (no. 5); 1857-58, XLIV, pt. I. 363.
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•  Further papers (no. 7) (in continuation of no. 5); 1857-58, XLIV, pt. III. 245.
•  Further papers (no. 8) (in continuation of no. 6); 1857-58, XLIV, pt. IV. 1.
•  Further papers (no. 8A); 1857-58, XLIV, pt. IV. 175.
•  Further papers (no. 9) (in continuation of no. 7); 1857-58, XLIV, pt. IV. 185.
•  Letter of Chief Commissioner of the Punjab, forwarding to Governor General Proceedings of the Trial ; 1859, XXV. 331.
•  Letters from Court of Directors to Governor-General in Council, 25 th November 1857, Nos. 235 and 236, Military ; 1857-58, XLIV, pt. I. 45.
•  Letters from Governor-General to Court of Directors, 11 th December 1857, no. 144; 24 th December, no. 154; 24 th December, no. 154; 24 th December, no. 155; with enclosures ; 1857-58, XLIV, pt. I. 1.
•  Name or Number of each Regiment of Regular and Irregular Corps which Mutinied, or manifested Disposition to, since 1 st January 1857; number of Officers and men present with each Regiment and Corps at outbreak of Mutiny, &c ; 1859 (Sess. 1), XVIII. 1.
•  Native Troops: Return of Regiments of Cavalry on Field Service from April 1857 to December 1859, respective fixed Establishments; number present for duty on 1 st and 15 th day of each month, &c.; 1861, XLII. 419.
•  Official papers from India on disturbances in Travancore ; 1859 (Sess. 2), XXV. 353.
•  Orders issued by Court of Directors regarding Castes of Hindoos from which Native Army is to be Recruited ; 1857-58; XLIII. 123.
•  Opinions of Members of Council of India as to suspension of Recruiting for H. M. local European forces ; 1860, LI. 799.
•  Organization of Army; Letter, 1 st July 1859, to Chairman of Commission, by Lieutenant-General Sir Patrick Grant, Commander-in-Chief of Madras Army; 1860, LI. 835.
•  Papers ; 1857 (Sess. 2), XXX. 1.
•  Papers on Mutiny in Punjab , 1857 ; 1859 (Sess. 1), XVIII. 307.
•  Return of Officers in different Arms in India, by ranks; distinguishing British and Indian force, and giving fixed Establishment and actual number of Effectives in India, for 1 st April 1855, 1860, 1865, and 1870 ; 1871, L. 59.
•  Return of Queen's and of Company's forces in the three Presidencies, and Punjab , at date of last returns ; 1859 (Sess. 2), XXIII. 485.
•  Return of Troops of the several Arms on Establishment of each Presidency, in April 1857; and summary. 1860, L. 197.
•  Supplement ; 1857 (Sess. 2), XXX. 17.
•  Supplement to papers (no. 6) ; 1857-58, XLIV, pt. III. 239.
•  Twenty-Sixth Native Infantry; Letter from Sir R. Montgomery to Lord Stanley, 29 th April 1859, and Statement of facts connected with Execution of ; 1859 (Sess. 2), XXIII. 499.
•  Vellore, Mutiny at: Report, 9 th August 1861, of Circumstances connected with Mutiny ; 1861, XLII. 689.

3. India Papers:

Deaths in Bombay , Bombay . NLS run 1857 – 1865. IP/14/PI.3

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Miles Irving (ed. & Introduction), A List of Inscriptions on Christian Tombs or Monuments in the Punjab, North-West Frontier Province, Kashmir and Afghanistan Possessing Historical or Archaeological Interest, Lahore: Punjab Government Press (1910) IP/CB.34 (Missing?)

George William De Rhe-Philipe (ed.), Inscriptions on Christian Tombs or Monuments in the Punjab, the North-West Frontier Province, Kashmir and Afghanistan Possessing Historical or Archaeological Interest; pt. 2, Biographical Notices of Military Officers Whose Names Appear in the Inscriptions in Part 1 , Lahore: Punjab Government Press (1912) IP/CB.34

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Press-List of ‘Mutiny Papers' 1857, Being a Collection of the Correspondence of the Mutineers at Delhi, Reports of Spies to English Officials and Other Miscellaneous Papers, Calcutta: Supt. Govt. Printing (1921) IP/YA.6
( Contains an Introduction by J. M. Mitra, Keeper of the Records, Calcutta , 18 August 1921. Comprises mostly records found in Palace/Camp of rebel army after capture of Delhi ; some letters from English spies; a paper containing the defence of the ex-King; some Urdu and Persian newspapers of the time; some private letters. Brought together for purpose of trial of Muhammad Bahadur Shah, ex-King of Delhi . Rest of document lists all papers examined in trial, with brief descriptions.)

Press List of Mutiny Papers of 1857-1858 in the Punjab Secretariat , Lahore : Supt. Govt. Printing, Punjab (1925) IP/32/RA.6
( Contains a Prefatory Note by H. L. O. Garrett, Keeper of the Records, Lahore , January 1925. Collection of all documents referring to the course of the Mutiny. Begins May 1857, closes April 1858. Includes documents beyond this as references still made to Uprising( e.g. 1862 – references in Judicial Department to trial and punishment of rebels). Many of the records included are also printed in the ‘Mutiny Correspondence' published by the Punjab Government in 1911, but some had not been published before and concern individual experiences – official and non-official – during the crisis. Many are telegrams from District Officers keeping John Lawrence informed as to situation in their areas.)

The Quarterly Army List of Her Majesty's and the Honorable Company's Forces on the Madras Establishment , Madras : Pharoah and Co., NLS holds Dec. 31 1857 – Mar. 31 1858. IP/25/AF.6

Report of the Financial Results of the Abkarry Administration of the Lower Provinces, Calcutta , NLS holds 1858/59 – 1862/63. IP/6/EB.3

Report on the Jails of the Lower Provinces of the Bengal Presidency , Calcutta , NLS holds 1856/57 – 1875 (lacks 1857/58-1865/66) IP/6/JA.3

Report on the Survey Operations in the Lower Provinces , Calcutta , NLS run 1857/58 – 1863/64. IP/6/SI.3 

Reginald George Burton, Revolt in Central India 1857-9: Compiled in the Intelligence Branch, Division of the Chief of Staff, Army Head Quarters, India , Simla: Government Monotype Press (1908), IP/FA.75
( "...compiled from the original despatches and reports ... by Major R. G. Burton, 94th Russell's Infantry.")

George W. Forrest (ed.), Selections from the Letters, Despatches and Other State Papers Preserved in the Military Department of the Government of India , 1857-58, Calcutta : Military Dept. Press (1893) IP/FA.25
( vol. 1 – Delhi ; vol. 2 – Lucknow and Cawnpore; vol. 4 – Central India ) 

Selections from the Public Correspondence of the Administration for the Affairs of the Punjab, vol. 1, Lahore : Chronicle Press (1857) IP/32/RA.4

Sepoy Mutiny Official Papers: Composite Volume Assembled by George Smith (1858?), IP/AA.13/2
( Comprises:
1. Official narrative of events attending the outbreak of disturbances and the restoration of authority in the district of Meerut
2. Official narrative of events attending the outbreak of disturbances and the restoration of authority in the district of Moradabad
3. Memorandum on the mutiny and outbreak at meerut in May 1857 / by Major Williams
4. Depositions taken at Meerut by Major G.W. Wiiliams
5. Official narrative of events attending the outbreak of disturbances and the restoration of authority in the district of Mozuffernuggur
6. Official narrative of events attending the outbreak of disturbances and the restoration of authority in the district of Saharunpore
7. Official narrative of events attending the outbreak of disturbances and the restoration of authority in the district of Allygurh
8. Official narrative of events attending the outbreak of disturbances and the restoration of authority in the Agra division
9. Official narrative of events attending the outbreak of disturbances and the restoration of authority in the district of Muttra
10. Official narrative of events attending the outbreak of disturbances and the restoration of authority in the Agra district
11. Official narrative of events attending the outbreak of disturbances and the restoration of authority in the district of Furruckabad
12. Official narrative of events attending the outbreak of disturbances and the restoration of authority in the district of Mynpoory
13. Official narrative of events attending the outbreak of disturbances and the restoration of authority in the district of Etawah
14. Official narrative of events attending the outbreak of disturbances and the restoration of authority in the district of Etah
15. Official narrative of events attending the outbreak of disturbances and the restoration of authority in the district of Bareilly
17. Official narrative of events attending the outbreak of disturbances and the restoration of authority in the district of Moradabad
18. Official narrative of events attending the outbreak of disturbances and the restoration of authority in the district of Bijnore
19. Official narrative of events attending the outbreak of disturbances and the restoration of authority in the district of Budaon
20. Official narrative of events attending the outbreak of disturbances and the restoration of authority in the district of Shahjehanpoor
21. Official narrative of events attending the outbreak of disturbances and the restoration of authority in the district of Ahhahabad
22. Official narrative of events attending the outbreak of disturbances and the restoration of authority in the district of Futtehpoor
23. Official narrative of events attending the outbreak of disturbances and the restoration of authority in the district of Banda
24. Official narrative of events attending the outbreak of disturbances and the restoration of authority in the district of Benares
25. Official narrative of events attending the outbreak of disturbances and the restoration of authority in the district of Goruckpore
26. Official narrative of events attending the outbreak of disturbances and the restoration of authority in the districts of Saugor and Nerbudda
27. Official narrative of events attending the outbreak of disturbances and the restoration of authority in the district of Jaloun
28. Official narrative of events attending the outbreak of disturbances and the restoration of authority in the district of Humeerpore
29. Official narrative of events attending the outbreak of disturbances and the restoration of authority in the district of Kumaon
30. Official narrative of events attending the outbreak of disturbances and the restoration of authority in the district of Jhansie
31. Official narrative of events attending the outbreak of disturbances and the restoration of authority in the district of Ajmere
32. Official narrative of events attending the outbreak of disturbances and the restoration of authority in the district of Neemuch
33. Official narrative of events attending the outbreak of disturbances and the restoration of authority in the district of Nimar
34. review of the evidence taken at Cawnpore regsrding the revolt at that station in June and July 1857
35. Synopsis of the evidence of the Cawnpore mutiny
36. Depositions taken at Cawnpore under the direction of Lieut.-Colonel G.W. Williams
37. Translations of a narrative of events at Cawnpore / [Dolut Pershad]
38. Plan nos. 1-3 [relating to events in Cawnpore ].)


Great British Parliament, House of Commons, Select Committee on Colonisation and Settlement in India – Reports from the Select Committee on colonisation and Settlement in India, with Proceedings, Minutes of Evidence, Appendix and Index, 1857-58; Shannon: Irish U.P (1970) GHC.19.(17).

4. Manuscripts:

From: List of Manuscripts written in and relating to India and Ceylon (revised July 1964),

A Guide to Western Manuscripts and Documents in the British Isles relating to South and South East Asia, compiled by M. D. Wainwright and Noel Matthews, supervised by J. D. Pearson,

and the National Library of Scotland Manuscripts Department Index

MS 50.4.7, f. 75 – printed plan of military camps around Delhi (19 th c)

MS 1855 – f.5: Letters of Colonel Orlando Felix, 1843-57.

f.56 Letters of Major Alexander Robertson – died at Fategarh, 1857

MS 2234 – Journal of Captain Frederick William Traill Burroughs, of the 93 rd Regiment in India , Jan-Sept 1858 – describing the march through Fatehgarh, Cawnpore and Unau to Lucknow , with the capture of the Mattiniere and the Begum's Palace in Lucknow .

MS 2235 – Correspondence of Captain Burroughs, 1855-75.

MSS 2543 – 2544 – Correspondence of Major-Gen. Stewart A. Lithgow, in India 1856-71 – unfortunately I found these illegible.

MSS 2842-54 – General Sir George Brown and family's correspondence, for the years 1842-58.

MS 2877 – (v) – Copy of The Delhi Gazette , Fort Agra , October 28 th 1857

(vi) – Cutting from The Times, 3 Nov. 1857, ‘The Futteghur Mutiny'

(xiii-xiv) Two Memoranda, Indian Reliefs, Nov. 1859 and Oct. 1863

MS 3390 (ff. 154-456) and MS 3391 (ff. 174-5) – Letters written from India , 1849-69.

MS 3867 – Letters mainly to Walter Scott, Chief Engineer of Sind , 1799-1863. The writers include Scott's relatives, Sir Charles James Napier as Commander in Sind , and various officers, including Sir Richard Francis Burton.

MS 3871 (ff. 39-49) – Letters on Indian Mutiny, from Canning to Sir Henry Ward, and responses to Gleig's enquiries about the cost of troops in India.(Ch. 2408 – Pass issued by Sir Robert Hamilton, Resident at the Holkar's Court, Indore, to Robert Boog Watson, Chaplain to the Highland Brigade, for crossing the country to join the Mhow Field Force, October 1858)

MSS 3989-91 – Correspondence of John Richardson of Kirklands and family, 1849-69.

MS 4995, f. 103 – Letter of John Muir, Orientialist, 1857.

MS 5005 – Notebook containing copies of letters of, and memoranda on, Charles Reginald Mure, killed in 1864, written from the Crimea, India and New Zealand (1855-64)

MS 5509, f. 126 – Letter of Charles P. H. Rieu, Orientalist, 19C

MS 5794 – Diaries of 9 th Marquess of Lothian's journeys, including India , 1852-57.

MSS 5901-6109 – Haldane Papers – Correspondence and papers of Richard Burdon Haldane, Viscount Haldane of Cloan (1856-1928), statesman, lawyer and philosopher, and of his sister Elizabeth Sanderson Haldane (1862-1937), philanthropist and author, correspondents include Indian & Ceylonese persons and the Ranee of Sarawak.

MS 6363 – Correspondence of H. Mackenzie and family, 1821-87.

MS 7185 – Correspondence mainly from Thomas Smith as a missionary in Calcutta to his sister Catherine, including some comments on life in India , including the Indian Mutiny.

MS 7437, f. 83 – Description of natives of India , 1858.

MSS 9004-40 – Diaries of Henry Robert Oswald, Assistant Surgeon-General , India 1850-92 (in Mysore 1854-65).

MSS 9490-7 – Lecture notes, journals of tours and other miscellaneous papers of Alexander Turnbull Christie as surgeon to the East India Company, 19 th cent.

MS 9819, ff. 39-42 - Letters from Colin Campbell, Baron Clyde, concerning operations during the Indian Mutiny.

MSS 9875-6 – Papers of General Sir Charles William Pasley (military engineer) – his diaries for1857-58 contain entries about the Mutiny.

MSS 10983-4 – Correspondence of Colonel Richard Baird Smith of the Bengal Engineers and wife Florence , 1843-61. Includes accounts of events while travelling from Delhi to Agra , Gwalior , Cawnpore and Roorkee.

MSS 14202-18 – Diaries of Colonel James Halkett, Coldstream Guards, 1840-65 – 14214 covers April 1854-March 1856; 14215 covers October 1858-April 1860. As far as I can tell, 1857 is missing.

MS 14443, f. 206 – Letters from the Earl of Gifford to George [Hay], 8 th Marquess of Tweeddale (1787-1876), concerning India , 1846-57.

MS 14453 – Letters from John Fryer Thomas, member of Council, Madras to George [Hay], 8 th Marquess of Tweeddale (1787-1876), concerning India , 1848-61

MS 14468-9 – Letters to Lord William Hay as Deputy Commissioner of Simla and Superintendent of the Hill States, 1851-58: correspondents include the Marquess of Dalhousie, Lieut. Charles McDowell, and others concerned with the Indian Mutiny.

MSS 14535, ff. 70, 156 and MSS 14536-7 (notebooks) – Papers of the 10 th Marquess of Tweeddale concerning India, the Indian Mutiny and disturbances at Simla, speech notes, etc, including 1857.

MS 15385 – Letters of Sir William Gordon – service life in India and Crimea – 1854-8.

(160-167) Details of experiences in India during the Uprising.

(168-175) Starts writing from Lucknow , 26 th March 1858 - very hard to read as he cross-writes the pages. Others are more legible.

(257-285) Various letters from India , some very hard to read.

MS 15393 – Journal and commonplace book (1855-61) of John Charles Brown, private in 3 rd European Bengal NI.

MSS 15394-400 – Diary (1857-63) of an officer of the 8 th (The King's Royal Irish) Regiment of Dragoons (Hussars) whilst on service in India – Officer seems to be E. S. Grey, regiment's veterinary surgeon.

MS 15497 – Letters of members of Inglis family, 1835-1905, mostly from India or Australia - I couldn't find anything of relevance here.

MS 15921 – Macrae family correspondence 1833-1910, much addressed to Duncan Macrae, a surgeon in India - I couldn't find anything of relevance here.

MS 15922 – Legal papers, mostly concerning the winding up of the estates of John Macrae, surgeon in India (d. 1857)

MS 15923 – Papers of Duncan Macrae , reflecting his service in India and life after retirement – 1850-98.

MS 15924 – Record of letters sent by Duncan Macrae, 1853-68.

MS 15981 – Family correspondence of Charles J. Taylor, 1835-77, with some letters to his wife, and letters from General Taylor to his son after Charles left India as a child (f. 1)

MSS 17901-4 –Family correspondence of James Augustus Grant 1848-61 ( who joined Bengal Army in 1848 and was at the siege of Multan, the battle of Gujerat and the relief of Lucknow ) - includes correspondence of his brother Alexander Grant, an officer in the Madras Army, and brother George, merchant in Calcutta and Rangoon, from the 1850s. MS 17908, f. 50 – Various Grant family letters 1821-91; letters and documents about Grant's service in the Bengal Army, 1854-70.

MS 17933, f. 1, ff. 27-9, 35 – Papers relating to Grant's service in India 1853-84, including a list of property lost during the Mutiny and statements of service.

MSS 17192-7 – Journals of Grant, 1846-76, describing a journey to and arrival in India , hunting expeditions there, military service undertaken there etc.

MS 20206 – A volume describing (f. i) “Copies of Letters & c. relative to the fate of the Europeans at Futtehghur” during the Indian Mutiny 1857.


MS 20358 – Letters to F. G. Richards, (1838-82). I couldn't find anything relating to the Uprising here.

MS 20371, ff. 9-62 - Journal of voyage to and from India (1857-8)

ACC 4061 – Typescripts of biographical notes on Major-General John Glasfurd (1810-64) and his sons Lieutenant Frederic William Glasfurd (1843-67) and Major-General Charles Lamont Robertson Glasfurd (1831-87), all of Indian Army. Not very detailed.

Also includes copy of Agra Fort Direcrtory (Census) from 27 th July 1857, and a garrison order from Lieutenant Colonel Glasfurd of 1 st July 1857 concerning overcrowding in the fort.

ACC 7041 – Correspondence of Ewen and McIlwaith families, 1780-1885, concerning the West Indies and tea planting in India .

ACC 7657 – Campbell of Edenwood Diaries and Journals - Tour journal, Madras , 1859.

ACC 8919 – Letters of Sir William Gordon to his sister, relating to the Crimea and to India .

ACC 9969 – Reminiscences of George Anderson, indigo farmer in India (1839-81)

ACC 2804 - ‘History of the Muhammedan power in India ' (19 th c)

ACC 10064 – Manuscripts of John Allan Brown (1817-79), Director of the Trivandrum Magnetic Observatory (founded by the Rajah of Travancore in 1841)

ACC 10719, nos. 121, 133 - Photographs of Indian scenes and people (ca. 1858) and sketchbook containing line drawings made in early 19 th c.

ACC 10736 – Letter of Ensign J. B. Hay, 5 th Bengal Native Infantry , describing life in the Oudh Field Force, 1858.

Dep. 235, Box 5 – Letters kept by F. B. Cockburn. “Letters from India and letters to F. J. C or wife from Jane C., his Mother, his Aunt, Mrs Cleghorn” – as yet unsorted so no date available.


MSS 7530-32 – Letters from pioneer missionaries in India (Church of Scotland) esp. Alexander Duff, John Wilson and John Anderson.

MS 7533 – India letter-book of the secretaries of the Foreign Mission Committee (Church of Scotland) – John E. Watson, John T. Maclagan – 1859-60.

MSS 7618-19 – Minutes and accounts of Bombay Corresponding Board (Church of Scotland) 1836-86.

MSS. 7638-58 – Letter-books of the secretaries (Rev. Andrew Somerville 1851-68) and other officials of the Foreign Mission Committee (United Presbyterian Church) 1847-83.

MS 7734 – Letter-book of the Home Mission Secretary, Rev. Hamilton M. MacGill, 1858-59, and of the clerks in the Foreign Mission Office (United Presbyterian Church), 1869-79.

MSS 7745 – 69 – Letter books of clerks of Foreign Mission Committee (Free Church of Scotland) 1856-1920 – including Robert Young (1853-91).

MS 7996 – Letters from missionaries in Rajputana and Najpur (Women's Foreign Missions) – undated.

MS 18928 – Ledger for mission scheme including missionary buildings in India .

ACC 2365, A: Records of the Church of Scotland Foreign Mission Committee: Bombay Corresponding Board Minutes, with some accounts, 1836-58

ACC 2365 C1-20 – Records of the United Presbyterian Church Foreign Mission - Letter-books, Foreign, No. 2, June 1851, to No. 21, August 1882.

ACC 9200 – Letters and papers 1858-1916 – Rev. William Stevenson – Madras missionary, late secretary of Women's Foreign Missions of Free Church and United Free Church of Scotland.

ACC 9447 – Letters 1854-8 of Rev. Dr. Alexander Duff, missionary.

ACC 10021 – Photos of India and Africa , mainly missions.

Dep. 298 – Church of Scotland Overseas Council – minute books of committees and associations, including items relating to India


ACC 4234 – Indian miniature paintings, 19C.

ACC 5730 – Photographic slides relating to Church of Scotland missions in India , late 19 ACC 6168 – Correspondence and letter-books of Duncan Mackinnon, 1808-87 and misc. family papers.

ACC 8289 – Sketchbook containing portraits and scenes from India ; and a volume apparently containing translation from Indian religious works, with a vocabulary (mid-19 th century?)

MINTO PAPERS: (all undated unless stated)
MSS 11283 – 336 – General correspondence and papers
MSS 11337 – 60 – Correspondence with EIC Directors
MSS 11361 – 5 – Personal papers etc
MSS 11366 – 570 – Proceedings of Governor General in council
MSS 11596 – 638 – Misc. papers, Bengal Govt.
MSS 11639 – 711 – Papers about Bombay and Madras
MSS 11712 – 39 – Misc. Papers
MS 11754, ff. 343-50, 353, 435 - Letters concerning legislation on government of India (1853,1858)
MS 11775, ff.198-201, 228-32, 236-42, 241, 246 - Letters concerning proposals for the Government of India Bill (1857-8)
11810: Letters and enclosures of Henry John Temple, 3 rd Viscount Palmerston, to the 2 nd Earl, 1815-57, with some of the latter's drafts, discussing politics, chiefly foreign affairs. 12017-224 – More official correspondence with Palmerston.
MSS 12365 – 803 – Papers of John Kyng Mound Elliot, 1845-1914.
MSS 13241-72 – maps, plans.


2. Museums - General

Natural History Museum
Cromwell Road
London SW7 5BD
Website: http://www.nhm.ac.uk/
The Correspondence of Andrew Anderson, Indian civil servant and ornithologist, famous as one of a group of civilians who defended the billiard room at Arrah at the time of the Mutiny
Catalogue Ref. Z MSS AND

Victoria and Albert Museum
Cromwell Road
London SW7 2RL
Volume of photographs by Felice Beato ‘After the Indian Mutiny' c 1858 - Museum no. X 131

 The V&A also holds many rare photographs by Linnaeus Tripe who also spent time in India after the mutiny.

3. Regimental Museums

Queens Lancashire Regimental Museum
Fulwood Barracks
Preston PR2 8AA
Website: http://qlrmuseum.co.uk
The Queen's Lancashire Regiment - Medal rolls 82nd FT Indian Mutiny 1858.
Catalogue Ref. 846/3.2.314

Staffordshire Regiment Museum
Whittington Barracks, Lichfield,
Staffordshire , WS14 9PY
List 64th Regiment of Foot Indian Mutiny deaths - Catalogue ref. NSR/7622/1 1857/8
Notes on Casualties Indian Mutiny - Catalogue ref. NSR/7622/2
Indian Mutiny Medal Roll - Catalogue ref. NSR/7622/19
Copy of letter of 1860 concerning Presentation of drum captured in Indian Mutiny by 38th Regiment of Foot - to Dover . - Catalogueref. SSR/7658/4 1860
List of 80th regiment other ranks who died during Indian Mutiny in 1858. - Catalogue ref. SSR/7736/8 1858
Indian Mutiny Medal Roll, 80th. - Catalogue ref. SSR/7736/10 & 30
EWEN Letters. Indian Mutiny (Typescript) - Catalogue ref. BV/4
64th Medal Roll Indian Mutiny - Catalogue ref. BV/128 1857

York and Lancaster Regimental Museum
Central Library & Arts Centre,
Walker Place , Rotherham , S65 1JH
Archives of the York and Lancaster Regiment [saw action in the Indian Mutiny; award of Victoria Crosses] - Catalogue Ref. A-Q

Royal Engineers Museum
Prince Arthur Road,
Kent, ME4 4UG
Details of awards of Victoria Cross during Indian Mutiny – with pictures of the recipients.