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Local Archival Holdings

Bedfordshire and Luton Archives and Records Service

Mutiny Related Records

Press cutting books of the Whitbread family - The Indian Mutiny, 1857 - Catalogue ref: W/3937

Browne family of Flitton, Bedfordshire - 7 October Fast day [for Indian Mutiny] - Catalogue ref: Z 838/2

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Berkshire Record Office

Mutiny Related Records

EWEN PAPERS - Letters from Arthur J A Ewen - his military service, including during the Indian mutiny. - Catalogue ref. D/EE

BENYON PAPERS - Cash book, including payment 'to the Mutiny in India ', 1857 Catalogue ref. D/EBy/A131

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Birmingham Archdiocesan Archives

 Mutiny Related Records

Archives of the ARCHBISHOP OF BIRMINGHAM (B) - FILE - Ullathorne ad clerum - thanksgiving for end of Indian Mutiny - perils of the Church in Italy.- Catalogue Ref. B03863 - date: 1 Jun 1859

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Cathedral House
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Bristol Record Office

   Mutiny Related Records

Bristol Crimea and Indian Mutiny Veterans' Association - Handbook of the Crimea and Indian Mutiny Veterans' Association, 1892-1912. Catalogue Ref. 40386/1 - date: 1912

NB. The Crimea and Indian Mutiny Veterans' Association seems to have been founded c.1896 in order to cater for the welfare of local servicemen who had served in any war prior to 1860. Its headquarters were at 33 Frogmore Street , Bristol .

 Yearbook of the Bristol Crimea and Indian Mutiny Veterans' Association - Contains: list naming presidents,vice-presidents and patrons committee and officers; roll of veterans (naming regiments, medals and clasps won); list of veterans arranged by regiment, descriptions of some of the medals worn by the veterans; notes on the "great wars in the east" by Colonel Coates. - Catalogue Ref. 40104/1 - date: 1896

Records of the King, Gibbons and Haynes Bayly families. - Documents relating to Zoe King -'For the success in suppressing the Indian Mutiny'. - Catalogue Ref. 32688/160 - date: 1 May 1859

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'B' Bond Warehouse
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Centre for Buckinghamshire Studies

Mutiny Related Records

Grenfell Family, Barons Desborough, of Taplow [Family and Estate Papers] - CHARLES PASCOE GRENFELL (1790-1867) Correspondence - Letter, Arthur R. Grenfell to Charles Pascoe Grenfell from Maesteg House ( Swansea ): aftermath of the Indian Mutiny. - Catalogue Ref. D-GR/8/48 - date: 3 June 1858

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County Hall
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Cambridgeshire County Record Office, Huntingdon

  Mutiny Related Records

Records of St. Andrew's Parish Church , Kimbolton - Letter and receipt for donation to the Indian Mutiny Fund - Catalogue Ref. HP52/2/1 - date: 12 Oct 1857

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Grammar School Walk
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Cheshire and Chester Archives and Local Studies

  Mutiny Related Records

Chester City Council Records - Council and Committees Minutes and Files - 10 March 1858, monthly meeting includes Report by the General Committee of the fund for the relief of the sufferers by the Mutiny in India dated 15 February 1858 - Catalogue Ref. ZCF/6


Latham family of Sandbach, Cheshire - Letters from Diana Latham to Mrs. Ambrose Jones, Elworth Parsonage - discusses the safety of Henry Lucius Jones despite Indian Mutiny. - Catalogue ref. DDX 232/3

Letter discussing the return of "your wounded warrior".- Catalogue ref. DDX 232/6

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Cornwall Record Office

  Mutiny Related Records

Padstow Parish Church - ECCLESIASTICAL - CHURCHWARDENS - Accounts - Receipts for church collections in aid of .... Central Association in aid of soldiers wives and families ordered to the east, sufferers in the Indian Mutiny - Catalogue ref. P 170/5/25 

Falmouth - Printed list of subscribers from Falmouth and neighbourhood for the relief of sufferers by the Indian Mutiny. November 1857. - Catalogue ref. X394/67 [n.d.] 

PERSONAL PAPERS OF WILLIAM GRYLLS ADAMS - Diary for 1857 - Indian Mutiny (Sep., Oct.) - Catalogue ref. AM/1123 - date: 1857

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Cathedral House
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B4 6EU

Cumbria Record Office, Carlisle Headquarters

  Mutiny Related Records

AF HUDLESTON IN INDIA - Wrapper marked "Precepts and Returns regarding the Petitions against the Coelhos" - Digest of Indian and overseas news. This issue includes report on "The Insurrection" [the Indian Mutiny], and death notices include those "Massacred at Cawnpore ", also list of prayer meetings during the Mutiny. - Catalogue Ref. D HUD 12/61/1 - date: 1857

CALDBECK PARISH - Wigton Advertiser - Indian Mutiny report. - Catalogue Ref. PR 71/66/4 - date: 2 July 1857

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The Castle
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Derbyshire Record Office

  Mutiny Related Records

Wright family of Eyam Hall, Derbyshire - Personal correspondence - Peter Wright of Eyam (1781-1862) - refers to friends and relations murdered at Cawnpore during the Indian Mutiny - Catalogue Ref. D5430/35/2/78 - date: 1857

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New Street
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Devon Record Office

  Mutiny Related Records

Fortescue family of Castle Hill, Devon - "The Times" September 30th 1907 to October 18th with reports on the Indian mutiny - Catalogue Ref. 1262M/FH/2 - date: 1907

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Great Moor House
Bittern Road
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Dorset History Centre

  Mutiny Related Records

Lyme Regis Museum - HOYLE FAMILY PAPERS - Postcards mainly sent to Mrs Froom of Stedcombe Farm, Axmouth, Colyford, depicting the Indian mutiny - Catalogue Ref.D/LRM/H5/1 - date: 1905-1952

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Bridport Road
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Gloucestershire Archives

  Mutiny Related Records

Hyett family of Painswick, Gloucestershire - The correspondence includes letters from James Basevi in India to Mary C. Hyett, 1854-57, describing incidents in the Mutiny. - Catalogue Ref. D6/F88 - date: 1854-1857

Hyett and Dickinson Families  - papers relating to General Sir Richard Meade, a senior official of the British Government in India during and after the turbulent Mutiny period, came into the possession of the Dickinson family through the marriage of his daughter Minnie to Willoughby Dickinson. - Correspondence of Agnes Caine (nee Meade) - 'B' marked 'Mutiny Papers' and 'F' marked ' Baroda ' - Catalogue ref. D6/F181/1 - date: (1857)

 Topics include: mutiny, Gwalior agency, Mysore appointment, Mr. Knight's allegations, residency of Hyderabad - Catalogue ref. D6/F181/2 - date: (1857)

 Copies of The Times newspaper containing articles concerning Indian mutiny - Catalogue ref. D6/F181/3 - date: (1857)

Records of the Blathwayt family of Dyrham Park - Diaries of Rev Charles Blathwayt - Numerous notes on the Indian Mutiny, August 1857 - Catalogue Ref. D2659/19

Diaries of Mary Blathwayt - Bath Herald obituary for Col M P Ricketts, Indian Mutiny veteran - Catalogue ref. D2659/27/53/6 - date: 1915

Documents acquired by Cheltenham Library and Museum relating to Cheltenham and its inhabitants - Miscellaneous correspondence - Letter written by Josephine Butler "social reformer", 39 Clarence Square , to Cheltenham librarian about borrowing a biography of John Nicholson and others involved in Indian mutiny - Catalogue ref. D 5130/51 - date: 1902 

HADOW FAMILY PAPERS, of South Cerney , Gloucestershire - Correspondence and papers - Enid Mary Hadow (b.1905, d.1989) - Letters from Roger Willoughby of Dublin , military historian, on research for a work on Gilbert Bethune Hadow, who served as an army surgeon during the Indian Mutiny - Catalogue ref. D4402/2/12 - date: 1985-1986

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Clarence Row
Alvin Street

GL1 3DW          
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Herefordshire Record Office

  Mutiny Related Records

Records of Hill Court Estate, Trafford family - Discusses at length what has been happening in India . Indian Mutiny 1857, and a book which Moffatt has sent him about Oudh and the events there. - Catalogue Ref. F8/IV/42/90/45 - date: 18.01.1858

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Harold Street
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Hertfordshire Archives and Local Studies

  Mutiny Related Records

BERKHAMSTED PARISH RECORDS - Churchwardens' accounts and vestry minutes - collection of subscriptions for relief of sufferers in Indian Mutiny, 1857 - Catalogue Ref. DP19/5/2

Family papers of the Martin Leake family - Letter Concerning Capt George Plunkett who died in the mutiny at Allahabad , India . Describing the mutiny - Catalogue ref. DE/Ml/85939 - date: 16th October, 1857

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County Hall
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Hull University Archives

 Mutiny Related Records

Papers of Sir Charles and Lady Mary Chichester - a bundle of letters to and from Constance and Amy Chichester. One letter of 29 September 1857 describes the Indian mutiny. - Catalogue Ref. DDCH/65

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Brynmor Jones Library
University of Hull
Cottingham Road

HU6 7RX          
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Centre for Kentish Studies

  Mutiny Related Records

Manuscripts - Pratt family, Marquesses Camden, Bayham Abbey, Lamberhurst , Kent - CORRESPONDENCE - David ordered home as war [Indian Mutiny] is nearly over. - Catalogue ref. U840/C522/8 - date: 24 Dec 1858

Records of the Royal West Kent Regiment - Note on incidents in Indian Mutiny, 1857-1859, state of Regt in Sergeants, Privates, women, children, 1858-1866, average strengths and deaths, 1859-1865, deaths in hospital, 1857-1866, Catalogue ref. WKR/B2/Z17 - date: 1841-1867

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County Hall
ME14 1XQ       
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Lancashire Record Office

  Mutiny Related Records

MITTON Parish - Form of prayers for various occasions including war in Crimea and Indian Mutiny and notices concerning same - Catalogue Ref. PR3031/14/2 - date: 1849-1872

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Bow Lane
PR1 2RE          
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Leeds University Library, Special Collections

Mutiny Related Records

Correspondence of Thomas Perronet Thompson (1783-1869) - Manuscript notes on the Indian Mutiny, with 9 press-cuttings, and 2 copies of "General Thompson on the Indian Mutiny", reprinted from the " Bradford advertiser" for the Newcastle Committee. - Catalogue ref. MS277/4/2 [n.d.]

Archive Address & Website

The Brotherton Library
University of Leeds
LS2 9JT           
Website: http://www.leeds.ac.uk/library/spcoll


Leicestershire, Leicester and Rutland , Record Office

  Mutiny Related Records

Records of the Royal Leicestershire Regiment (and other military units) 1857-2000 - Letter of James Flude, of the Hon. East India company's 3rd Bombay European Regiment [?] to his parents - describes the plight of Europeans during the first months of the Indian Mutiny; the destruction of General Wheeler's force at Cawnpore; the immediate cause of the Mutiny; -
Catalogue ref. DE5970/96 - date: 28 July 1857

Letter of Corporal James Flude to his parents, from Camp Mhow, India. -   He lists the actions fought by his regiment in suppression of the Indian Mutiny. At Jhansi every officer and man subscribed a day's pay to erect a monument to the regiment's fallen. Flude then refers to the discontent felt in the former regiments of the East India Company at being absorbed into the British Army. - Catalogue ref. DE5970/97 - date: 1 June 1859

Packe/Hamond Family Papers - Letters and papers - George Packe at Benares to sister Fanny [Frances Catherine]: Indian Mutiny, life in India and on march. - Catalogue ref. DE1672/16 - date: 25 Oct 1857

Abstracts of letters of Charles Frederick Packe during the Indian Mutiny - Catalogue ref. DE3969/26 - date: 1857

Papers of Bewicke family of Hallaton Hall, Leicestershire - Includes Papers of Lt. Col. Samuel Briggs Cookson, who served during the mutiny. Letter in support of a memorial to him.
Catalogue ref. DE 6343/25 - date: 19 July 1872

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Long Street
Wigston Magna
LE18 2AH          
Website: http://www.leics.gov.uk/index/community/museums/record_office.htm


Lincolnshire Archives

Mutiny Related Records

Larken family of Lincoln , Lincolnshire - Records relating to Edmund Lawrance Monson Larken (1834-1861) - In February 1857, shortly after Larken's arrival in India , the first risings of the Indian Mutiny occurred in the north of the country. On 26 May 1857 he outlines his view of the cause of the mutiny and expresses the view that it will not last much longer. Larken's letters contain numerous references to some of the key events of the uprising and he was himself involved in a minor action against the rebels at Mundettee in August 1858. In December of the same year his unit was involved in operations to check the advance of Tatya Tope (Tautia Topee) on Baroda and in the subsequent pursuit of the rebel leader and his followers. - Catalogue ref. 4 LARKEN 5/1 - date: 1841-1861

Records of the Fane family - Papers  and Diaries of Colonel Francis Augustus Fane discussing mutiny at Peshawur - Catalogue ref. 1 FANE 6/8/1/10 - date: 1857

Papers of Henry Prinsep Fane - H.P. Fane's lecture on his escape from Jaunpore during the Mutiny - Catalogue ref. 1 FANE 6/9/1/1 - date: Undated

H.P. Fane to Caroline Beresford; from Mirzapore - Discusses possibility of mutiny among native regiment and of an attack on Benares . Describes seeing bodies of Europeans killed at Cawnpore. - Catalogue ref. 1 FANE 6/9/1/4/(c) - date: 29 July 1857

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St Rumbold Street
LN2 5AB          
Website: http://www.lincolnshire.gov.uk/archives



1. Corporation of London Record Office: City of London

FILE - Indian Mutiny - Catalogue ref. COL/SP/07/068 - date: 1857 1874

Various reports and statements relative to the claims of Major Campbell, City Marshall and others to a share of the booty and treasure taken at Kirwee during the Indian Mutiny - Catalogue ref. COL/OF/02/090 - date: 1876

  Archive Address & Website

40 Northampton Road
EC1R 0HB          
Website: http://www.cityoflondon.gov.uk/lma

2. London - Hackney Archives Department

Small Collections - Deeds relating to property in Stoke Newington - ACCOUNT BOOK with personal details given on enlistment, service abroad (including in India during the mutiny), form of will (leaving property to mother Mary Ann Knight of Castle Street, Finsbury/ City Road, London - Catalogue Ref. M3888 - date: 1855 - 1862

  Archive Address & Website

43 De Beauvoir Road
N1 5SQ              
Website: http://www.hackney.gov.uk/index.htm/ca-archives.htm

3. London - Lambeth Archives Department

Diaries of Henrietta Thornhill - the orphan of Robert & Mary Thornhill, both of whom were killed during the Indian Mutiny in the uprising at Cawnpore in 1857. - Miss Minet & Henrietta go to Cadogan Sq. to see Wilson , (who is helping to get something for Henrietta from the [Indian Mutiny] Fund). ...Henrietta is taken to the City [about money from the Indian Mutiny Fund].....Trip to S.Lambeth for Mr. Harrison to sign the Indian Mutiny Fund paper - Catalogue ref. IV/81/16 - date: 1879

Archive Address & Website 

Minet Library
52 Knatchbull Road
SE5 9QY          
Website: http://www.lambeth.gov.uk

4. London Metropolitan Archives

Wood family papers - Correspondence of Sir David Wood - David Edward Wood (1812-94),was commander of the field and horse artillery in the Indian Mutiny. He was mentioned in despatches and gained many military honours. In England he commanded the Royal Artillery at Aldershot in 1864-5, and was general-commandant of Woolwich garrison from 1869-74. - FILE - Letters and papers concerning the Indian Mutiny, including letter describing execution of mutineers, copies of letters relating to resignation of Major General Dupuis, Commander of Royal Artillery in India , and bills for provisions sent to Wood - Catalogue ref. ACC/1302/244-249 - date: 1857-1858

SAINT THOMAS ' HOSPITAL: NIGHTINGALE COLLECTION - Papers of Dr. Pattison Walker - James Pattison Walker was surgeon in the Indian Army from 1845. - Catalogue ref. H01/ST/NC/17/001 - date: 1855 Apr.- 1866 Apr.

Account of services of Dr J.P. Walker during the Mutiny at Agra - Catalogue ref. H01/ST/NC/17/006 - date: N.D.

Letter of commendation to Dr J.P. Walker for his services during the Mutiny when the fort at Agra was occupied by the garrison and inhabitants - Catalogue ref. H01/ST/NC/17/008 - date: 1857 Oct.28

Notes relating to Mutiny at Agra - Catalogue ref. H01/ST/NC/17/014 - date: N.D. [c.1867]

MONRO FAMILY - Miscellaneous letters from Cecil James Monro. - Two of the letters, written in 1857, are to his close Cambridge friend Pomeroy, who had gone out to India to be an assistant magistrate. He was active during the Mutiny, and catching a chill, died of galloping consumption; he was already dead when Cecil wrote the second letter. There is also a long letter from a friend of Pomeroy's named Elliott describing the action he fought in and his death (see also the passage quoted in No.682). The rest are fragmentary pieces.

SAINT MARY, WILLESDEN: NEASDEN LANE , BRENT. - Preachers book - Includes details of a collection made on 13 September 1857 for the British in India - Catalogue ref. DRO/113/039 - date: 1847 Jan - 1867 Sep

Archive Address & Website

40 Northampton Road
EC1R 0HB             
Website: http://www.cityoflondon.gov.uk/lma



1. Labour History Archive and Study Centre

Labour Party Archives - Bronterre O'Brien Papers - Comments on Indian Mutiny.- Catalogue Ref. LP/OB/6 - date: 1857 Nov 17

Analyses further the Indian Mutiny. - Catalogue Ref. LP/OB/7 - date: 1857 Dec 23

 Archive Address & Website

People's History Museum
103 Princess Street
M1 6DD               
Website: http://www.phm.org.uk

2. Manchester University : John Rylands Library

Raymond English Anti-Slavery Collection - Letters of George Thompson to Amelia Thompson/Chesson - FILE - Material relating to: journey to Kishnaghur, Ramnaghur and Berhampore. The Indian mutiny (including a discussion of its causes, its progress, anxiety amongst Europeans, emergency measures, reaction in the press, trouble in Calcutta, news of events elsewhere, GT's condemnation of the record of British rule in India, and the prospects of its continuation) - Catalogue ref. REAS/2/2/62 - date: 20 May-18 Jun 1857

FILE - Contains material including, causes of the Indian mutiny. - Catalogue ref. REAS/2/2/63 - date: 15 Sep 1857

FILE - Contains material relating to: importance of the Indian mutiny, especially its causes and the lack of a solution; - Catalogue ref. REAS/2/2/66 - date: 7 Jan 1858

International Woman Suffrage Alliance Archive - I.W.S.A. News Cutting Files - Aitken, Mary Elizabeth, survivor of the Indian Mutiny 1857 - Catalogue ref. IWSA 3/59 - date: 1914-1919

  Archive Address & Website

Oxford Road
M13 9PP               
Website: http://rylibweb.man.ac.uk/spcoll 

3. Greater Manchester County Record Office

Photographs related to William Beesley - FILE - Mock War at Belle Vue - Pre 1914. Battles fought on an island in the Park. (The soldiers got 1/- (one old shilling) per night.) Battles were every night through the high season. They re-created such battles as Indian Mutiny, etc. There was a firework display as well. - Catalogue ref. 1439/1 - date: PRE 1914

  Archive Address & Website

56 Marshall Street
New Cross
M4 5FU                 
Website: http://www.gmcro.co.uk


Norfolk Record Office

Mutiny Related Records

Journals, letters and papers of General Charles Ashe Windham (1810-1870) - Letters from C. A. W. in England to Marianne between 7th March 1857 and 24th August 1857 with reference to Indian mutiny - Catalogue Ref MC 135/133 

PAPERS OF H. O. MANSFIELD - Photographs - India - The fall of Delhi during the mutiny - Catalogue ref. MC 135/457/12, 604 x 2 [n.d.]

India - Cawnpore at the time of the mutiny - Catalogue ref. MC 135/457/13, 604 x 2 [n.d.]

B. B. Woodward, papers 1805-1893. - FILE - Proof copy of handbill advertising lectures by Woodward at Bungay on the Indian Mutiny - Catalogue ref. MC 58/29, 507 x 5 - date: nd

Cubitt Family Papers - Major Frank Astley Cubitt - Journal of the Indian mutiny - Catalogue ref. CUB 1 374 x 2 - date: 1857-1860

Parish records of Brandiston - FILE - Forms of prayer and thanksgiving for the suppression of the Indian mutiny, 1859 - Catalogue ref. PD 375/11 - date: 1859-1941

Parish records of SWAINSTHORPE - FILE - special forms of prayer during Indian Mutiny - Catalogue ref. PD 76/11 - date: 19th century

Family papers of Jex-Blake and Buxton families - Letters to T.W. Jex-Blake and his wife on their wedding tour with list. - ref. Some letters include references to the Indian Mutiny. - Catalogue Ref MC 233/18, 680x5 - date: 1857

Archive Address & Website

The Archive Centre
Martineau Lane
NR1 2DQ           
Website: http://archives.norfolk.gov.uk


Northamptonshire Record Office

Mutiny Related Records

Elwes family of Great Billing, Northamptonshire - Difficulties in going home - via India - 'in consequence of the War' (Indian Mutiny ?) - Catalogue ref. E(GB)/987

  Archive Address & Website

Wootton Hall Park
NN4 8BQ           
Website: http://www.northamptonshire.gov.uk/Community/record/about_us.htm


Northumberland Collections Service

Mutiny Related Records

Ridley family of Blagdon - Wensleydale papers - FILE - Letters from India , including description of Indian Mutiny - Catalogue ref. ZRI/31/2/35

WOOLER PARISH RECORDS - FILE - Printed official forms of prayer for suppression of the Indian Mutiny - Catalogue ref. EP/33/40 - date: 1813-68

  Archive Address & Website

Queen Elizabeth II Country Park
NE63 9YF          
Website: http://www.northumberland.gov.uk/collections



1. Nottingham University Library

Papers of Edward M. Wrench (1833-1912) of Baslow, Derbyshire, surgeon - He served with the 12th Royal Lancers throughout the whole of the Indian Mutiny, being present at the affair of Kubrai, the battle of Banda and numerous smaller engagements, when in pursuit of Tantia Topee and the other rebels. Correspondence which includes letters from Edward M. Wrench to family and friends whilst serving in the Indian Mutiny. - Diaries of Edward M. Wrench - FILE - Printed and ephemeral items including Article - "The Indian Mutiny". - Catalogue ref. Wr D 2/21 - date: 20 February 1903

 Notice of Edward M. Wrench's lecture on the Indian Mutiny, at Belper, Derbyshire (16-18 March, p.42-43.) - Catalogue ref. Wr D 34/17

Newspaper cutting re Edward M. Wrench's lecture on the Indian Mutiny. (16-18 March, p.42-43.) - Catalogue ref. Wr D 34/18

 Diary Entries and enclosures - 2 copies of the toast list and entertainment at Crimean and Indian Mutiny Veterans' Association Dinner. (8-10 Feb., p.24-25.) - Catalogue ref. Wr D 39/13 - date: 10 February 1894

Notice re Crimean and Indian Mutiny Veterans' Association. (8-10 Feb., p.24-25.) - Catalogue ref. Wr D 39/14 - date: no date

Newspaper cutting re Sheffield Crimean and Indian Mutiny Veterans' dinner at the Carlton . (19-21 Jan., p. 14-15.) - Catalogue ref. Wr D 46/22 - date: 19 January [1901]

Indian Mutiny Veterans' Dinner in London . - Catalogue ref. Wr D 52 - date: 1907 

Newspaper cutting - Edward M. Wrench's letter to Editor re Sir E. Wood's history of the Indian Mutiny, from the Times. (14-16 Oct., p. 150-151.) - Catalogue ref. Wr D 52/86 - date: 14 October 1907

Newspaper cutting re Edward M. Wrench's lecture on the Indian Mutiny. (1-3 Dec., p.174-175.) - Catalogue ref. Wr D 52/95 - date: 4 December 1907

Newspaper cutting - notice of Edward M. Wrench's lecture on the Indian Mutiny, at St. Stephen's Church, Sheffield, Yorkshire (1-3 Dec., p.174-175.) - Catalogue ref. Wr D 52/96

Ticket for the Indian Mutiny Veterans' Christmas Festival at the Royal Albert Hall. (21-23 Dec., p.184-185.) - Catalogue ref. Wr D 52/99 - date: 23 December 1907 

Newspaper cutting re the Inspection of the Indian Mutiny Veterans, The Daily Mirror. (21-23 Dec., p.184-185.) - Catalogue ref. Wr D 52/102 - date: 24 December 1907

Invitation to Indian Mutiny Veterans' Dinner at Albert Hall. (Inside back cover.) - Catalogue ref. Wr D 52/107 - date: 23 December 1907

Newspaper cutting re commemoration of Indian Mutiny. (Inside back cover.) - Catalogue ref. Wr D 52/110

Newspaper cutting re Edward M. Wrench's lecture on the Indian Mutiny. (18-20 March, p.46-47.) - Catalogue ref. Wr D 53/40 

Copy prints of photograph of Inspection of Indian Mutiny Veterans. - Catalogue ref. Wr Ph 36 - date: December 1907

MISCELLANEOUS Papers - Bundle of documents mostly relating to the Indian Mutiny - Catalogue ref. Wr X 1-35 

Papers of the Monckton-Arundell Family, Viscounts Galway of Serlby Hall, Nottinghamshire. - The letters cover contemporary events such as the Indian Mutiny - FILE - Letter concerning John and Rosa Monckton during Indian Mutiny (copy). - Catalogue ref. Ga 2D 1320 - date: 18 August 1858

Papers of the Drury Lowe Family of Locko Park , Spondon, Derbyshire - FILE - Bundle of correspondence to Capt. William Drury Nathaniel Drury Lowe - Comprises letters from Robert Drury Lowe [brother] 52nd Foot Regiment, Simla, Calcutta , India concerning the Indian Mutiny - Catalogue Ref: Dr C 74/1-10);

Death of General Anson (1797-1857) [C-in-C. Madras Army], native mutiny and massacre at Delhi - Catalogue Ref: Dr C 74/7-8)

  Archive Address & Website

University of Nottingham
King's Meadow Campus
Lenton Lane

2. Nottinghamshire Archives

Sherwin family papers - FILE - Crimean and Indian Mutiny Veterans outing to Skegness - Catalogue ref. DD/1168/24/4 - date: 1910

CAPT. WILLIAM RAYNOR OF PLUMTREE - FILE - Newspaper cutting about Capt. William Raynor who won the Victoria Cross during the Indian Mutiny - Catalogue ref. DD/2327/9/2 - date: 1994

FILE - Letter Adair Martin at Bombay , India , to A. Harrison at Bangalore (forwarded to Calverton) Personal news and queries of seasonal doings, and friends. Things to see in India , and memories of the mutiny. - Catalogue ref. DD/204/4 - date: (Jan) 1908

TROTMAN FAMILY PAPERS - FILE - The Baptist Quarterly, vol xxiii No 6 - Includes first half of a series of extracts from the diary of Jane Parsons who sailed to the East by sailing ship in 1840. She married a missionary, John Parsons, who was in the Fort at Agra during the 1857 mutiny. The diary was owned by F H Trotman ( Nottingham ) who edited the text - Catalogue ref. DD/1568/41 - date: Apr 1970

Archive Address & Website

County House
Castle Meadow Road

NG2 1AG            
Website: http://www.nottinghamshire.gov.uk/archives


Sheffield Archives 

Mutiny Related Records

Stephenson family of Hassop, Derbyshire - Blake: Major W.G. Blake serving with British army in India , July 1855-1860 (aftermath of Mutiny), to Henry Stephenson. - Catalogue Ref. StepC 1-69

  Archive Address & Website

52 Shoreham Street
S1 4SP


Shropshire Archives

Mutiny Related Records

Brown Collection of Pedigrees & Letters - James Easom shot on the walls of Lucknow in the Indian Mutiny - monument in St. Chad 's church. - Catalogue ref. 4543/1/9

 The 17th Shropshire Rifle Volunteer Corps - James Eason of 53d Shropshire Regt. shot in Indian Mutiny - Catalogue ref. 4543/4/6

 Correspondence - re prize money on behalf of Easom killed at Lucknow in the Indian Mutiny. - Catalogue ref. 4543/5/9 - date: 29 October 1867

Records of the Whitfield Family - an account of the re-taking of Delhi during the Indian Mutiny - Catalogue ref. 587/48 - date: 1850-1878

Eyton family of Eyton, Shropshire - Gompertz's Historial Diorama in connection with the Indian Mutiny etc... Catalogue ref. 665/3/275 - date: 1860

Venables family of Oswestry, Shropshire - FILE - 2 letters from HV (Henry Venables) to his mother, about news of "Ned" and "Willy" who are in India during the Mutiny. - Catalogue ref. 484/849-50, 851-852

  Archive Address & Website

Castle Gates
SY1 2AQ          
Website: http://www.shropshire.gov.uk/archives.nsf


Somerset Archive and Record Service

Mutiny Related Records

PAPERS OF EVELYN PHELPS MORSE OF CREWKERNE - Commemorative programme, reunion of the Indian Mutiny Veterans 1907. - Catalogue ref. DD\X\WOY/1

Dodson and Pulman of Taunton, solicitors - re. will and estate of Isabella Georgina White formerly of Taunton [killed in Indian Mutiny at Cawnpore ] (1858,1861) - Catalogue ref. DD\DP/69/2

SOMERSET ARCHAEOLOGICAL AND NATURAL HISTORY SOCIETY COLLECTION - prospectuses of publication mentioning the sufferers of the Indian Mutiny - Catalogue ref. DD\SAS\C/795/SE/20

Archive Address & Website 

Obridge Road
TA2 7PU            
Website: http://www.somerset.gov.uk/archives


Southampton Archives Office

Mutiny Related Records

Southampton Corporation: Town Administration - FILE - General committee, minutes (volume) Indian Mutiny, 18th - 23rd Sep 1857. - Catalogue ref. SC 2/3/10 - date: 1857 - 1874

  Archive Address & Website

South Block
Civic Centre
SO14 7LY          
Website: http://www.southampton.gov.uk/leisure/history/archives/default.asp#0


Suffolk Record Office, Ipswich Branch

Mutiny Related Records

PROUS FAMILY ARCHIVES - Correspondence of Sir Charles Fraser, 7th Hussars, India and elsewhere. Including references to Indian Mutiny, siege of Lucknow , etc. Also file of transcripts of the same correspondence. - Catalogue ref. HA11/A16/1 - date: 1840-1895

  Archive Address & Website

Gatacre Road
IP1 2LQ              
Website: http://www.suffolkcc.gov.uk/sro



1. East Sussex Record Office

THE DANNY ARCHIVES - PERSONAL PAPERS: CAMPION FAMILY - Letters from William Henry Campion (1836-1923) to his sister Fanny and her husband, John Blencowe, from India where he was on military service during the period of the Indian Mutiny. - Catalogue Ref. DAN (Danny MSS. 476-485.) 

BLAKER, SON AND YOUNG, Solicitors of Lewes - CLIENTS' PAPERS - Madden Certificate that Charles Dodgson Madden served with the 43rd Light Infantry in the suppression of the Indian Mutiny 1857-1859 and was with the regiment at the surrender of Kirwell, and as such is entitled to a share of the booty - Catalogue ref. ACC2327/36/9 - date: 20 Mar 1867

  Archive Address & Website

The Maltings
Castle Precincts
BN7 1YT         
Website: http://www.eastsussex.gov.uk/useourarchives

2. West Sussex Record Office

RECORDS OF THE ROYAL SUSSEX REGIMENT - FILE - Photocopy of the programme for the Golden Commemoration of the Indian Mutiny held at the Royal Albert Hall in London - Catalogue ref. RSR/MSS/2/44 - date: 23 December 1907

Printed Works - Military Histories and Biographies - A record of events in which the 3rd Regiment of Bengal European Infantry, subsequently the 107th (Bengal Infantry) Regiment, took part during the Indian Mutiny of 1857-1858. Extracted from the Annals of the Indian Rebellion and published in 1890 - Catalogue ref. RSR/Library/5/1 [n.d.] 

Parsons, R. A Story of Jugdespore, 1858 - An account by Lieutenant Richard Parsons, 35th (Royal Sussex) Regiment of Foot, of an engagement near Jugdespore in April 1858 during the Indian Mutiny, during which two companies of the Regiment were ambushed by Sepoys of the enemy leader Kunwar Singh - Catalogue ref. RSR/Library/5/40 [n.d.] 

Forrest family - Papers of Robert Edward Forrest - The letters from Lieutenant Henry Gambier of the 28th Bengal Light Infantry, describe the situation in Delhi in May 1857 during the Indian Mutiny. It was for the defence of the town, especially the magazine, that Robert Forrest's father, Lieutenant George Forrest, later Captain, won the Victoria Cross. - FILE - Notes on the Indian Mutiny - Catalogue ref. ADD. MSS./45,887

Additional Manuscripts, catalogue II - Plans of entrenchments and battles in the Indian Mutiny, 1857 - Catalogue ref. Add Mss 7123-7126

Discharge certificate of Private William Kitchell from the 17th Lancers, May 1865 and photograph of Private Kitchell on parade for inspection by King George V, Chichester , July 1913. Records that he was in possession of the Indian Mutiny Medal and medals for Turkey and the Crimea - Catalogue ref. Add Mss 7106 - date: 1865

The Buckle Papers - Cuthbert Robert Buckle (1837-1901), - during the Indian Mutiny saw action on board the steam sloop Assurance. - (Buckle MS. 7.)

Correspondence (Including notes in the hand of Charles Mathew Buckle) concerning his service as political agent in the Rewah Kantah during Indian Mutiny of 1857-8. - Catalogue ref. BUCKLE/245 - date: 21 July 1857-11 June 1860

Abel Smith papers - FILE - Commonplace book, with notes on various subjects, including the Indian Mutiny, and religion -Catalogue ref. ADD MSS/22,369 - date: nd [c 1858-1866]

Parish Records: BOLNEY FILE - Sermons preached by the Revd. J. Dale, incl on the Indian Mutiny (1857) - Catalogue ref. Par/252/7/3

The Wilberforce Archives - undated letter to the Times sent by R. G. Wilberforce about the Indian Mutiny - Catalogue ref. WILBERFORCE/57

Maps and plans formerly belonging to General Sir Wilbraham Oates Lennex - incl re the Indian Mutiny - Catalogue Ref. Add Mss 14,874 - 16,391

Archive Address & Website

Sherburne House
3 Orchard Street
PO19 1RN          
Website: http://www.westsussex.gov.uk/ccm/navigation/libraries-and-archives


Warwickshire County Record Office  

Mutiny Related Records

Parish of Nuneaton - Pr. letter from Rev. R.C. Savage re thanksgiving for end of Indian Mutiny, 25 April 1859. - Catalogue ref. DR925/28 - date: 1859

Archive Address & Website

Priory Park
Cape Road

CV34 4JS          
Website: http://www.warwickshire.gov.uk/countyrecordoffice


Wiltshire and Swindon Record Office

Mutiny Related Records

PAPERS OF SIDNEY HERBERT, 1st BARON HERBERT OF LEA - Copy of letter from Sir Hugh Rose to the Duke of Cambridge accepting appointment as commander of the forces in India , as well as expressing his views on the Indian mutiny (1857). - Catalogue ref. 2057/F8/V/B/369/e - date: 20 September 1859

FILE The Times - report of a speech by Sir C. Wood on the Local Army of India, raising questions about the shortage of men after the Indian Mutiny and recruitment of troops. June 13 1860 - Catalogue ref. 2057/F8/VII/S - date: 1860-1861 

Poore Family Papers - Retrospective narrative account by Major Robert Poore of the Indian Mutiny engagements at Kotah-Ki-Serai, Gwalior , and Bejapore in which he took part in 1858 while serving with the 8th Hussars. - Catalogue ref. 1915/158

Archive Address & Website

Libraries and Heritage HQ
Wiltshire County Council
Bythesea Road
BA14 8BS            
Website: http://www.wiltshire.gov.uk/leisure-and-culture/access-to-records/wiltshire-and-swindon-record-office.htm



1. York City Archives Department

Papers relating to Samuel James Allen and Family - FILE - Diary of Ebenezer Brown Allen - 30 August: letter from George relating to the Indian Mutiny, containing reassuring news of his own safety - Catalogue ref. Acc 100/D2 - date: 1855-68

  Archive Address & Website

Art Gallery Building
Exhibition Square

YO1 7EW          
Website: http://www.york.gov.uk/leisure/Libraries/York_city_archive

2. York University Borthwick Institute for Archives

The Hickleton Papers - Nov 1862: Rewards for service in the Mutiny; comparison of Delhi and Lucknow . - Catalogue ref. HALIFAX/A4 

Correspondence from 1st Earl of Ellenborough - Jan 1860: The Indian Mutiny. -  Personal Papers of the Wood Family - 1856-1859: Grey commanding naval forces at the Cape of Good Hope . About affairs in India ; the Mutiny. Reinforcements for India from the Cape . - Catalogue ref. HALIFAX/A2

 Archive Address & Website

Art Gallery Building
Exhibition Square

YO1 7EW          
Website: http://www.york.gov.uk/leisure/Libraries/York_city_archive

3. East Riding of Yorkshire Archives and Local Studies Service

WINESTEAD ST GERMAIN PARISH RECORDS - FILE - Form of prayer and thanksgiving for peace after the Indian Mutiny - Catalogue ref. PE125/22/22 - date: 1 May 1859

Saltmarshe family of Saltmarshe - FILE - Correspondence relating to Harry Denison of Waplinton Hall Captain in Her Majesty's 90th Light Infantry - sailed up Ganges in 'Mirjapore' to Cawnpore and then on to relief of Lucknow; right arm amputated, died in hospital; unfinished last letter sent on by fellow officer, Captain W P Tinling; forms of application for prize money for the capture of Lucknow - Catalogue ref. DDSA/1077 - date: 1841-1863

Archive Address & Website

The Treasure House
Champney Road
Website: http://www.eastriding.gov.uk/libraries/archives/index.html

4. West Yorkshire Archive Service, Wakefield

Wakefield Museum collected documents - account of the Indian Mutiny and soldiers letters - Catalogue Ref. C861 

Indian Mutiny, account of events at Kasauli in 1857 (photocopy) - Catalogue Ref. 41D83 

George Smith, letters to his parents in Bradford regarding the Indian Mutiny 1858-1862 (photocopies) - Catalogue Ref. 60D91

Bradford Borough Council Town Clerk, papers re old soldiers from Crimean War and Indian Mutiny - Catalogue Ref. BBD 1/1/46

Army letters from Private J E Granger, 51st Light Infantry 1855-1858 (photocopies) - To his brother in law and sister, written from Hyderabad , India mentioning the mutiny - Catalogue Ref. Z32

  Archive Address & Website

Registry of Deeds
Newstead Road
WF1 2DE          
Website: http://www.archives.wyjs.org.uk