Conference at Edinburgh University, 23rd-26th July 2007

The conference timetable below is based on an assumption that papers are pre-circulated and approximately 35 minutes will be allowed per paper for discussion. If you wish to REGISTER for the conference, please contact 1857conference@ed.ac.uk.


3.00pm 6.00pm: Formal conference registration and coffee, David Hume Tower, George Square [map]

5.00 - 7.00pm: Buffet dinner in the David Hume Tower Basement

Evening: 7.00 - 8.00pm: Exhibition Opening and Public Reception (with Edinburgh Indian Association) at the Scottish National Portrait Gallery, Queen Street.


9-12am Late registration and Tea/coffee: David Hume Tower, George Square.

9.00am - 10.30am Panel 1: 1857 - precursors and precedents

Dirk Kolff: Leiden University (NIAS) - Rumours of the Company's collapse: the mood of Dasahra 1824 in the Panjab and Hindustan
  discussant: Rajat Ray

Thomas Lloyd (University of Edinburgh) - 'Thuggee' and the Margins of the State in Early Nineteenth-Century Colonial India
  discussant: Yasmin Khan

Devadas Moodley (Greenwich University) - A Tale of  Two Mutinies: Vellore, 1806 and Madras, 1809    discussant: Sabyasachi Dasgupta

10.30am -10.45am - Tea/coffee

10.45am - 12.30pm Panel 2: 1857 the Event (part one)

Clare Anderson
  (University of Warwick) - Sites of Provocation and Coalescence: jails as spaces of rebellion in 1857-8.   discussant: Devadas Moodley

Gautam Bhadra (CSSS Calcutta) - What constitutes a margin or margins?  The politics of  perception and the representation of power:  the insurrection of 1857 in Kolhan.   discussant: Projit Mukharji

Aziz Husain (Jamia Milia Islamia) - 1857 as Reflected in Persian and Urdu Documents   discussant/presenter: Mahmood Farooqui [in absentia]

Mahmood Farooqui - The Police in Delhi in 1857   discussant: Gautam Chakravarty

12.30pm-1.30pm - Lunch (room 108, William Robertson Building)

1.30pm - 3.00pm - Panel 2: 1857 the event (cont)

Vijay Pinch (Wesleyan College) - Prostituting the Mutiny   discussant/presenter: Michael Fisher [in absentia]

Veena Naregal (IEG, New Delhi) - Merchant Networks and the Mutiny in Western India  discussant: Crispin Bates

Shailendra Bhandare (Ashmolean Museum, Oxford) SLIDE PRESENTATION
Rethinking the Revolt: Coinage in 1857-59

3.00pm - 3.15pm - Tea/Coffee

3.15pm - 5.15pm Panel 3: 1857 and Islam

Jan Peter Hartung  (University of Bonn) - Abused Rationality? - On the Role of maquli
Scholars in the events of 1857    discussant: Kim Wagner

Avril Powell (SOAS London) - Marginal Muslims: maulawis, munsifs, munshis and others discussant: Jan Peter Hartung

Seema Alavi (Jamia Milia Islamia) - Travel and the nation: Maulana Jafer Thanesri as a mutiny convict   discussant: Michael Fisher

5.15-5.45pm: SHORT FILM: Dalit memories of 1857

Evening: 7.00 pm Public Lecture by Rajat Ray (Professor and Vice-Chancellor Vishva Bharati University), with Nupur Chaudhuri (Presidency College Calcutta): 'We and They in 1857: The Mutiny from the Mutineers Mouths'. To be followed by an evening reception, with private viewing of Scots and India exhibition, at the NLS.

Alternative evening activities to include pub and heritage tours of the old town of Edinburgh.

8.30pm - Conference Dinner in the Playfair Library, Old College


9.15am - 10.30am Panel 4: 1857 in Indian Literature

Sudhir Chandra - 1857 and the Indian Intelligentsia   discussant: Charu Gupta

Tithi Bhattacharya (Purdue University) - Haunting History: Ghost stories of and about 1857 discussant: Markus Daechsel

10.30am - 10.45am - Tea/coffee

10.45 - 12.30 - Panel 5: European and British Responses

Kim Wagner (University of Edinburgh) - The Protocols of Nena Sahib: the 1857-fantasy of Hermann Goedsche   discussant: Alex Padamsee

Projit Mukharji (University of Southampton) - Dinna Ye Hear It?: mutiny in the voice of the British subalterns   discussant: Esther Breitenbach

Gautam Chakravarty (Delhi University) - Mutiny or war? Re-visiting an old debate    discussant: Jill Bender

12.30pm -1.15pm Lunch

1.15pm - 3.30pm Panel 6: British responses to and experiences of 1857

Andrea Major (University of Edinburgh) - 'The Hazards of Interference': British fears of rebellion and sati as a potential site of conflict, 1829-1857     discussant: Seema Alavi

Alex Padamsee
(University of Kent) - Muslim Conspiracies and the State in the British Colonial Imagination      discussant: Tithi Bhattacharya

Jill Bender   (Boston College) - Sir George Grey and the 1857 Indian Rebellion: the unmaking and making of an imperial career   discussant: Andrea Major

3.30pm-3.45pm - Tea/coffee

3.45pm - 6.00pm Panel 6: British responses to and experiences of 1857 (cont.)

Rosie Llewellyn Jones (SOAS) - The 'Other' Victims of 1857
  discussant:  Avril Powell

Satadru Sen (University of New York) - Mutiny's Children: Race, Childhood and Authority after Eighteen Fifty-Seven   discussant: Ruby Lal

Michael Fisher (Oberlin University) - The Multiple Meanings of 1857 for Indians in Britain   discussant: Rosie Llewellyn-Jones

Evening -: 6.30-8pm: Performance of north Indian classical Khyal singing by Rajan Misra and his brother Sajan Misra at the Scottish National Portrait Gallery , followed by Reception and Buffet dinner (8.30pm) in the Raeburn room, Old College


9.00am - 10.45am Panel 7: Legacies and memories of 1857

Marina Carter & Crispin Bates (University of Edinburgh) - 1857, migration and the South Asian diaspora    discussant: Badri Narayan Tiwari

Chhanda Chatterjee (Vishva Bharati University) - The Great Rebellion of 1857 and the Birth of a New Identity of the Sikhs of the Punjab   discussant: Pritam Singh

Ben Zachariah (University of Sheffield) - 1857 in the Nationalist Imagination    discussant: Sudhir Chandra

10.45am - 11.00am - Tea/coffee

11.00am-12.45pm Panel 7: Legacies and memories of 1857 (cont.)

Carol Henderson (Rutgers University) - Spatial Memorialising of Atrocity in 1857: Memories, Traces, and Silences in Ethnography       discussant: Satadru Sen

Badri Narayan Tiwari (GB Pant Social Science Institute, Allahabad) - Identity and Narratives: Dalits and Memories of 1857   discussant: Ben Zachariah

Charu Gupta (NML research fellow) - Condemnation and Commemoration: (En)Gendering Dalit Narratives of 1857.    discussant: Veena Naregal

12.45pm-1.45pm: Lunch and departure


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