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Centre for South Asian Studies



Welcome to the Centre for South Asian Studies Scotland at the University of Edinburgh.

Founded in 1988, CSAS is the central academic unit at the University of Edinburgh and indeed for much of Scotland dedicated to the study of South Asia. We bring together a group of highly reputable academic colleagues from across Anthropology, the College of Art, Engineering, Geography, History, Languages and Cultures, Law, Politics and International Relations, Religious Studies, Sociology, and the Vet School from within the University to provide a vibrant core of academics that have a keen interest and expertise on South Asia. We also have... Read rest of text

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Nae Place for Racism

In the wake of the recent racist attack on a student outside the University library, CSAS students have penned the following open letter. We applaud them for taking this initiative,

Black Lives Matter

As members of the Centre for South Asian Studies we, like millions around the World, have been sickened and outraged by the killing of George Floyd and the callous brutality

Open Letter Expressing Solidarity with Anti-CAA Protests

In recent weeks we have watched with unease and alarm as policy changes have threatened the secular ethos of the constitution, police have deployed excessive force in Universities and prominent