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Centre for South Asian Studies: Fellowships and Exchanges


Travelling Scholarships

The Sir Peter Holmes Memorial Award is, a traveling scholarship to encourage young peoples' purposeful travel in Asia and, is administered by The Royal Society for Asian Affairs. The closing date is in November each year.  Applicants should submit a plan of a project involving travel in a country or countries of Asia and relating to geography, history, politics, environmental conservation, culture or art of the area to be visited. It is open to individuals aged 18-25 and consists of a cash award of up to £1000 towards their project and two years’ gratis membership of the Society.  Preference is given to projects of the applicants own design, which is not part of their academic course.  Full details can be found on the RSAA website at

The Centre also has links with various organizations in India which welcome student volunteers. A particularly special relationship exists with Seva Mandir, a voluntary organisation working on rural and tribal development issues in and around Udaipur district, in southern Rajasthan, where the late Rafe Bullick (a graduate of Edinburgh's Sociology department) once worked.

A foundation was established In memory of Rafe. Seva Mandir welcomes students from the University of Edinburgh every year who wish to volunteer their services in exchange for free accommodation. A small fund administered by CSAS exists to assist those who need help with travel costs. application form may be downloaded here. Completed forms should be sent to The deadline for travel scholarships is the end of February, while internships (without any travel funding attached) may be applied for at any time of year. 

Damaged fishing boat, Telwatte, July 2005