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Centre for South Asian Studies: Fellowships and Exchanges


Student Exchanges

Nearly 10 per cent of Edinburgh students study abroad at some time during their undergraduate career. In return Edinburgh teaches a large number of exchange students in single discipline courses relating to South Asia from a variety of European Universities each year.

There is a Socrates Exchange scheme link with the South Asia Institute at Heidelberg University (the largest such centre in Europe) which enables an annual exchange of students wishing to specialise in studying South Asia as part of their honours curriculum in any degree subject. It also open to postgraduates. Applications should be made to the Director of the Centre. You may also contact Stefan Ecks, Social Anthropology, and Sharyn Bennett, Edinburgh Global (650 4297), for advice on this programme.

A student exchange programme is currently being trialed with Delhi University.  Presently this is confined to students in History, Politics, and English Literature. The scheme involves an exchange of up to four undergraduate students each year. Details are available from the CSAS Director and from Thomas Ozers in Edinburgh Global. History and Politics should have some previous experience of studying India in order to be eligible.

The Indian National Trust for Arts and Cultural Heritage (INTACH UK Trust) offers financial support for students who as part of their study need to travel to India to undertake research. Awards are made twice yearly. Details are available at:

Finally, the UKIERI Study India Programme sends several hundred students from the UK to India every summer to take part in a three-week total immersion programme. The programme is open to undergraduates in all subjects, including EU/EEA students registered on a full degree. For further details see

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