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Centre for South Asian Studies: Fellowships and Exchanges


Charles Wallace Visiting Fellowships

Charles Wallace India Trust

The Charles Wallace India Trust proposes to award a three-month Visiting Fellowship to be held simultaneously in the Centre for South Asian Studies Scotland and the Institute for Advanced Studies in the Humanities (IASH) at the University of Edinburgh.

Edinburgh is one of the four leading centres for South Asian Studies in the U.K. and runs a lively and active seminar and conference programme supporting the needs of scholars working on South Asia in Scotland as a whole. Edinburgh University has a library well equipped with secondary and primary sources relating to South Asia as well as offering convenient access to the National Library and Archives of Scotland. It is also a mere 4 hours and 15 minutes by train from the British National Library in London. For details of the holdings of the National Library of Scotland please see  and also A guide to MSS in the British Isles relating to South and Southeast Asia , by J. D. Pearson. Volume 2, (London: Mansell, 1990).

The Institute for Advanced Studies in the Humanities was established to promote interdisciplinary research in the humanities and social sciences at the University of Edinburgh. It seeks to bring about collegial dialogue and to further collaborative research by maintaining a number of Fellowship schemes, by conducting regular programs of Seminars (to which the Fellow will contribute), and by developing overarching Research Themes through which interactions with the local research community may be structured.

We aim to have a shortlist of three for this appointment. The closing date for applications is the END OF FEBRUARY so that the candidate can be in residence as early as possible in the following academic year (the academic year runs from September until May only). The age range is up to 45 - i.e. younger to middle scholars, not those already well established.

We welcome applications covering any aspect of South Asian Studies in the Humanities only (history, arts, literature, divinity). This is a research appointment and whilst in Edinburgh you are expected to undertake a combination of writing and research on your chosen topic. You should ideally identify appropriate staff with whom to collaborate or to mentor your research while you are here.

Applicants must be Indian citizens, resident, and pursuing their academic careers in India.

The Fellowship provides a grant for living expenses in the UK which is currently at the monthly rate of £1300, and a contribution of £500 towards the cost of fares, payable on arrival in the UK.

The Institute for Advanced Studies in the Humanities will provide office faciltiies and arrange accommodation for the duration of the Fellow's period of residence.

To submit your application please visit IASH (Institute for Advanced Studies in the Humanities) website

Charles Wallace Pakistan Trust

Visiting Fellows from Pakistan are administered by the British Council, funded by the Charles Wallace Pakistan Trust (who make the final selection), and are hosted by the Centre for South Asian Studies. The annual closing date is announced each year by the British Council.

If you wish to apply for this scheme, and wish to be hosted in Edinburgh, you will need a letter of invitation. To obtain this you must submit an email to  including as attachments a summary of your academic career (curriculum vitae) to date, references from individuals familiar with your work, and a research proposal outlining your interests, and the writing or research that you would propose to undertake whilst resident in Edinburgh. 

The papers submitted will be examined by a CSAS committee. If it is decided that the scholar is sufficiently qualified, the research proposal has merit, that the research proposed is compatible with the interests of Edinburgh staff, and that Edinburgh is a suitable venue for the proposed work, CSAS will then issue a letter confirming that it is willing to support and host the applicant.

If you are successful, CSAS will then assist in arranging accommodation, provide shared office space, and access to the University library and computing facilities. However, travel and maintenance costs are provided exclusively by the CW Pakistan Trust according to their terms and conditions. 

Please write to us before the 15th of November to ensure that your request for a letter of invitation can be considered in good time.

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