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Celluloid Memories from the British Raj & After

Celluloid Memories from the British Raj & After
Hosted by: Piyush Roy # former UoE
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8th Mar 2017 17:30 - 8th Mar 2017 21:30
6th floor Staff Room, Chrystal Macmillan Building

All films are in English or with Eng. Subtitles. Entry Free (All Welcome)

 Curated by Dr. Piyush Roy

5.45 PM: Devi Durga (2009, 25mts): A revealing study on how Colonial Art inspired the changing facial attributes of a Hindu goddess

6.10 PM: Just like That (2016, 17mts):

An award winning contemporary travel romance

6.30 PM: Matitali Kusti (2016, 12mts): Documentary vignettes of one of India's oldest martial art forms, the now dying sport of traditional mud wrestling.

6.45 PM: BREAK

7.00 PM: Hero (1986, 21mts): A story by R.K. Narayan, set in Colonial South India

7.25 PM: Raja Harishchandra (1913/17, 16mts): First ever showcase in Edinburgh of digitally remastered excerpts from the first Indian feature film, by ‘pioneer-father of Indian Cinema’, Dadasaheb Govind Phalke

7.45 PM: Train Within 24 Frames (2013, 26mts):

A celluloid tribute to the world’s largest railway work  

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